Travel Gifts for Kids to Delight Little Explorers

Getting kids excited to learn isn’t always easy.

It is however necessary, especially when the subject in question is Geography. More than ever it’s important for little ones to learn about the world; to build up their knowledge and understanding of other countries and cultures.

In the past this would mean dusting off a big, bulky atlas or digging a tired looking globe out of the attic. Today however we have a different option, thanks to a former solicitor turned travel expert, who has created a series of unique fun and educational gifts designed to inspire children to learn about the world.


GeoJourney Travel Journal and Passport Set

Travel Journal and Passport Set


Christina Armstrong left the law to start an online travel company and has now turned her love of visiting new places into a brand new business, Geo Journey.

Aimed specifically at children aged 5 to 10, Geo Journey started with a 12 month adventure gift. Featuring adorable characters: Geo the wise owl and a puppy named Atlas. Each adventure kit contains a travel journal, passport, stickers and a world map.


GeoJourney Little Explorer 12 Month Geo Journey

Little Explorer 12 Month Geo Journey


Every month children receive updates by post from Geo & Atlas; containing activities and souvenirs, which help them learn about a new country. The monthly updates can be added to their journal, building an exciting adventure travelling the globe. A great activity for little ones and their families to experience together.


learn about russia kit

Learn About Russia Kit


To complement the subscription gift and add more choice to the collection, Christina has now launched a range of travel-inspired gifts for kids; travel journals, passports and even little suitcases.

All of the country packs can be bought individually too, such as the “Learn about Russia pack with Russian Doll” or the popular “Learn about Australia Kit”, which comes with a hand-painted wooden boomerang.


GeoJourney Russian Dolls

Geo Journey Russian Dolls


Whitburn-based Christina, who studied at Durham University and College of Law York, was inspired to create Geo Journey by her own children, daughter Willow, six, and three-year-old son, Roman. She said:

“I’ve always loved travel and have been lucky enough to do a lot of it. I worked on a summer camp in America as a teenager and now as a mum, I recognise just how important travel and experiencing different countries and cultures are to children’s education and development.


GeoJourney Learn About USA Pack

Learn About USA Pack


“Geo Journey started out as a project to get my own children interested in geography in a fun and creative way. I’ve designed the packs to encourage play and make learning fun. Each one is filled with quality items that children can return to time and time again to learn about the wider world around them.”


GeoJourney Learn About China Pack

Learn About China Pack


Christina, who studied psychology before completing a degree in law, is enjoying her new creative career. Developing each of the new travel gifts for kids through a process of trials and tests with children, parents and even in schools. Christina said:

“I’ve had great feedback from other mums with under-10s and I’ve just introduced Geo Journey to schools. There’s huge scope for activities related to the characters Geo and Atlas. I’ve even had requests to add more countries from parents who have finished the adventure and their children want to continue. They really engage with the characters and this makes learning fun.”


GeoJourney Learn About Australia Pack

Learn About Australia Pack


If you’re looking for a simple and effective way to inspire and educate your children, why not take them on their very own Geo Journey with Geo & Atlas.


Where to Buy

Featured items: Travel Journey & Passport, £12.00; Little Explorer 12 Month Geo Journey, £150.00;Learn About Russia Kit, £18.00; Russian Dolls, £18.00; Learn About USA Kit, £18.00; Learn About China Kit, £18.00 and Learn About Australia Kit, £18.00.

To see more, stock, or purchase from the range please visit the Geo Journey website.


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