Yorkshire Firm Launches New Fragrance Infused Jewellery

Leeds-based men’s jewellery brand Vanacci has recently created a new Kickstarter campaign; launching their latest range of fragrance infused Jewellery.

The new accessories collection brings together innovative materials and advanced technology to create wearable jewellery that carries your favourite scent everywhere you go.

Established in 2014, Vanacci is the highest-grossing Kickstarter firm, in the Yorkshire design category. Despite being a young company, they have already run six successful crowdfunding campaigns, raising an impressive £150,000 in total.

For their latest campaign (launched on 3rd July) they have introduced the new Nightfall range; fragrance infused Jewellery inspired by the lunar calendar.


frangrance infused jewellery

Nightfall Jewellery Can Be Infused With Your Favourite Scent


Designed to feature phases of the moon, the Nightfall collection is launching with a range of bracelets and pendants. The jewellery uses Vanacci’s patented ‘Lockstone’ material combined with advanced technology that allows the wearer to spray their favourite scent onto the product.

The accessories feature a micro-porus structure and an internal reservoir, capable of absorbing and retaining moisture. 

With just one spray of cologne on a Vanacci bracelet, the life of the scent is extended up to 7 times, compared to wearing perfume directly on the skin.

Commenting on Vanacci’s new range, managing director, James Whitfield said:

“We’re incredibly excited to launch our new range, which has been a natural progression from our original Lockstone products. The new Nightfall range, which has come as a result of lots of market research into consumer demand, combines aesthetics with functionality. We’ve created a range of fragrance infused jewellery that is unlike anything else available in the world and we’re looking forward to seeing the reaction of our existing and future customers”.


The Kickstarter Campaign

The Vanacci team set out to raise £1,000 to help launch their new range of fragrance infused jewellery. With 16 days still left to go they’ve already passed this target 7 times over, but there is still time to get your hands on one of the collection and support the project.

With pledges starting at £35.00 you can choose from bracelets, pendants or even a bracelet and pendant combo. Getting your hands on these unique jewellery gifts ahead of the Christmas 2017 rush.


fragrance scented jewellery

Nightfall Fragrance Infused Jewellery


About Vanacci

Since their launch in 2014 Vanacci have aimed to inject a fresh and modern feel into men’s accessories.

Consisting of a tight-knit team of designers, engineers and fashion professionals, Vanacci is led by 3 Co-Founders & Directors, James Whitfield, Ryan Ward and Sean Sykes.

Together they have built a company that is quickly becoming known for their British craftsmanship and Italian design flair. A unique mix brought to life in Leeds, West Yorkshire, where they design and manufacture each item of jewellery in house; a fact which has recently earned Vanacci a coveted ‘Made in Britain’ accreditation.

Their design philosophy combines striking appearance with practical design. Releasing new products every 3 months, the team is constantly growing their unique collection of watches, wallets, bracelets, pendants, cufflinks, and scented jewellery.


Nightfall Scented Jewellery

Nightfall Scented Jewellery


Find Out More

To find out more about the Nightfall collection visit the Kickstarter page or to see the rest of the collection take a look at the Vanacci website.


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