Using Black Friday Promotions for Your Business.

Often seen as the date that kicks off the festive shopping, Black Friday is fast approaching. What started life as a US event on the Friday following Thanksgiving has spread beyond America; becoming a fixed date in the shopping calendar. This year Black Friday falls on Friday 28th November.

Taking a look at the news, there are reports both for and against the event. Some news sites are reporting that shoppers aren’t bothered about this year’s event, while others state it will be the biggest ever. Without a crystal ball to consult it’s hard to predict what will happen. If however you are interested in promoting your business this Black Friday, today’s post is a few marketing tips to make the job easier.

1. Give Great Offers.

Black Friday promotions are all about deals. Customers are on the lookout for great offers. You need to come up with a promotion good enough to tempt shoppers into your store or onto your website. Black Friday is often a short burst sale; John Lewis (for example) are advertising a quick one day sale. This isn’t however universal, online retailer Amazon are planning a whole week of discounts. Whether it’s a day, weekend or week, pick a period of time and a type of promotion that suits your business. If you sell online you should also consider utilising Black Friday’s online companion, Cyber Monday, which follows Black Friday on 1st December.

2. Create Promotional Materials in Advance.

To make things as easy as possible, create your marketing materials in advance. Print flyers and coupons, write your promotional emails and blog posts, create graphics for your Facebook and Pinterest pages. Whatever channels you will be using to market your event, make sure you have what you need ready before the day. This will save you a lot of last minute stress during the event and will enable you to concentrate on spreading the word.

3. Build Anticipation.

Anticipation is an important factor in attracting customers. Follow the example of big retailers with your Black Friday promotions and and market your event before the day. Taking a quick look at the Amazon website you’ll see a countdown to the sale is already live on their home page. By promoting ahead of time, they’re able to build anticipation for their discounts. Consumers know that something special is coming and are pre-warned that they need to return for the event.

While you most likely don’t have the budget, resources or workforce of Amazon you can follow their lead. Tease details of your event ahead of time. Use flyers, posters, email and social media to let your customers know you will have Black Friday offers and encourage them to come back.

4. Keep Active on Social Media.

Social media is a great way to communicate your Black Friday promotions; allowing you to stream information about your event. Keep your eyes peeled for trending #hashtags on social media such as #BlackFriday and #CyberMonday. Using the trending hashtags in your messages will get more people seeing what you have to say. You can also customise your social media pages with themed cover photos or links to discounts to ensure your pages are highlighting your offer.

If you’re working in a bricks and mortar shop consider using social media tools such as Buffer or Hootsuite to schedule your social media posts. This way you can concentrate on your customers and orders but still get the message out online.

5. Consider a Cyber Monday Extension.

Cyber Monday is the online equivalent of Black Friday; occurring the following Monday (1st December this year). If you have an online shop it may be worth including this day in your Black Friday promotions for a 4 day weekend sale. Alternatively you could use Cyber Monday as as added secret bonus. Announcing a last-minute extension to a weekend sale, gives you another reason to reach out to your customers.