4 Tips for Getting Your Business Featured on Blogs.

Getting featured on blogs is a great way to promote your products and business. While it’s usually free, it does take time and effort. In this blog post we’re focusing on making that time and effort worthwhile and improving your chances of success.

Writing from the blogger perspective, there are my 4 tips for getting featured on blogs.


Why would you want to be featured on blogs?

It’s not easy running a business and trying to keep up with the hundred little jobs you have to do every day so why would you add contacting bloggers to your already epic ‘to do’ list?

& why would you do this when I’ve told you that it takes time and effort?

Well, the simple truth is, the potential benefits can be worth a little time and effort.

The world of blogging is huge and offers a chance to showcase your products, your business and even your personal expertise.

Not only will a blog mention give you a valuable link for potential customers (and sometimes search engines) to follow, but they can even give you customers and orders. I’ve had enough emails from retailers telling me about orders and designers who’ve picked up new trade customers following one of my features to know this isn’t a pipe dream, it can and does happen … a lot!

The beauty of blogs is that they fall into the category of ‘niche publishing’. They’ve often got a narrow focus, which means when you find the right blog, you have direct link to a very specific audience. The very audience that are looking for you.

So what are the possibilities?

Types of blog feature you could consider.

There’s 3 basic types of feature that will suit most card and gift businesses without too much hard work.

  • Product features

Getting blogs to talk about your products is a great way to boost your sales. Look out for bloggers who write reviews, or put together seasonal gift guides.

  • Interviews.

Lots of blogs like to find out about the people behind the brands. Interviews are an easy easy way to get your business noticed. Keep your eyes open for business, industry and themed blogs.

  • Guest posts.

While writing a guest post for a blog is more time consuming (you need high quality, original content every time), it’s a great way to share your expertise and place yourself as the ‘go-to’ person. As well as business and industry blogs, think beyond the basics. Seek out blogs that share a similar ethos or inspiration as you and your business.

So how do you go about finding these blogs and getting them interested in featuring you?

Finding relevant blogs.

Search Engines: use search engines like Google and Bing to search for relevant blogs. If you’re products are vintage-inspired search the words ‘vintage blog’.

Social Media: you can replicate the google search on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter too. Look out for pages that use keywords relevant to your business. You can also search for ‘blogger’ to get results for personal profiles of site owners or contributors.

Blog Platforms: many of the blogging platforms such as Blogger or WordPress maintain showcases of the blogs hosted on their sites. Check out WordPress Showcase, Blogger’s Blogs of Note, Tumblr’s Trending Blogs and Typepad’s Showcase to find blogs that are relevant to your business.

Apps, Magazines & More: Use content sites, online magazines and blog apps such as Bloglovin, Alltop and Flipboard. These sites find and categorise all types of information from across the web and can show you, which blogs are suitable for your business.

Once you’ve found the blogs you want to approach the major hurdle is ahead.

Now you have to convince the site owner or editor that they want to feature you.

In the last 5+ years of blogging I’ve had some shockingly bad emails from people who want to feature on my website. My response is usually just to sigh and delete the emails. Like the majority of bloggers I don’t have time to reply to all the emails I get so if someone doesn’t write a good email they don’t get anywhere.

You’ve found the blogs but how do you approach the bloggers? Here’s the tips.

Improve your chances to be featured on blogs.

1. Review First, Contact Later.

It’s common sense but you must always review the site before you get in touch. Check if you’re business is even relevant to the subject of the blog. Bloggers usually set parameters on what they blog about. If your business doesn’t fit the bill, don’t waste your time and theirs by getting in touch. You should also look out for information about how to submit. Bigger blogs that have lots of submissions will have rules, and you must stick to the rules if you want to get in their good books.

2. Be Nice.

Whether the site is gig or small getting featured on blogs is valuable. The bloggers are promoting your business so be nice. The right attitude will help you build a lasting relationship. In the first contact, aim to be professional and friendly. This isn’t to say you can’t make friends with bloggers but until you get to that stage be nice!

I like to think of this as ‘The Vogue Principle’ … if you wouldn’t treat a Vogue editor (or any other glossy magazine editor) in a certain way don’t expect your can get away with it for bloggers. Serious blogs can often have a larger readership than glossy magazines or trade publications so remember their influence. This still applies to small blogs, they could easily have grown huge in a few years so always treat them as you would a professional media outlet.

3. Be Reasonable.

Alongside being nice you also have to be reasonable. Blogs are publishing so just like newspapers or magazines they can often have deadlines to work with. If you have a time-sensitive issue, take this into consideration and don’t expect you can rush them into action to suit your needs. Just like other media outlets, some blogs can prepare weeks or months in advance. Take this into consideration when you’re getting in touch.

4. Give Good Stuff.

Every blogger is aiming for quality posts so you can improve your chances of getting featured on blogs by giving good stuff. Make sure any text or images you submit are high quality and suitable for web. Rename your images with a real description and your company name. Resize your images so they’re a file size that won’t break a blog’s inbox. If you’re stuck for what to send them see what they usually write about or send a quick email and ask them what they need.

You always have to remember that they’re doing you the favour. If you make it easy, treat them well and give them good stuff they should be happy to work with you again.



When you think it through and act like a normal, friendly person the task of approaching bloggers isn’t difficult. The problem is that sometimes common sense and stress gets in the way and people forget common sense. By running through these tips as a checklist (review site, be nice, be reasonable, give good stuff) you will improve your chances of getting what you want and make the world a nicer place.