The Just a Card Team Turn their Attention to Indie Friday

The retail behemoth that is Black Friday is almost upon us but as that’s probably getting enough attention all on it’s own I wanted to take a few minutes to talk about an alternative, the Indie Friday campaign.

Indie Friday Square by Angela Chick-min

Indie Friday Graphic by Angela Chick


What is the Indie Friday Campaign?

Indie Friday is a campaign launched by the team behind the Just a Card campaign organisers.

This Friday the 24th November while most of the world go back to black, the Just A Card team are going indie… and colourful!

The call is out for all indies to band together and join their #JACIndieFriday hashtag campaign on social media.

Kayte Ferris, describing the campaign comments that Indie Friday is:

“a celebration of all things colourful, passionate and independent”

Participants will do all they can to post, tweet, snap and shout about all the lovely things they sell.


Why Indie Friday is Important

Those of you who have read this blog before will know I’m a big supporter of all things indie so I am a little biased but I do think campaigns like Indie Friday are important.

I believe that small unique businesses can make the world a better place.

It might sound a little OTT but how boring would life be if every town was a carbon copy with the same shops, restaurants and venues?

How dull would the internet be if all you ever saw was huge monster sites? And I’m not knocking the big sites, I’m a completely addicted to buying books on Amazon, but it’s not all I want.

I want to see the cute, the quirky and the weird. I want to see indies doing their own thing.

I want to see something amazing this Friday, and by amazing I don’t mean seeing a group of people fighting over a massive TV; I mean all-colours-of-the-rainbow indies.



Skip the Queues with the Just a Card Team


Taking Part in Indie Friday

As an Indie Seller

If you’re an independent business taking part is super easy and I would urge you to do so.

You just have to keep doing what you’re doing. Send out as many links and updates as you can about your amazing products and the stories behind them.

Tag every post with the special hashtag #JACIndieFriday and you’ll tap into the powerful, indie-loving Just a Card community, who will be tweeting, re-tweeting and sharing it all.

To make it even easier you’ll even find a whole heap of graphics and image frames created by the Just a Card team.

You can use these to promote your wares on Friday.


Indie Friday Snowy by Angela Chick-min

Indie Friday Fram Graphic by Angela Chick


Download the free Indie Friday graphics from the Just a Card website here.


As an Indie Shopper

If you’re shopping you can also take part in the Indie Friday campaign by shopping indie.

Be warned, you might not get a discount, it’s not feasible for some small businesses to slash their prices (they already make minimal profits on what they do). You will however get passion, enthusiasm, quality and something a little different.


Indie Friday Pastel Square by Angela Chick-min

Indie Friday Pastel Square by Angela Chick


My Indie Friday Intentions

To do my bit and help support the Just a Card folks I will be online on Friday doing my best to post and help share about the Indie Friday Campaign via my Twitter account & have a very happy Indie Friday.


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