Tattoo Art Brand Stag & Raven Launch Unique Online Marketplace

Stag & Raven has recently unveiled a unique online marketplace that brings the unique and vibrant world of tattoo design to the gift market.

The online marketplace unites together a talented group of tattoo artists; applying their original artworks to gifts, homewares, clothes and more. Making tattoo art affordable and accessible to all.


The Stag & Raven Shop

Retailer Stag & Raven began life back in 2014 when owners Kate and Hannah became friends over a shared love tattoos and music. In 2016 they set up their shop in Manchester retail outlet, Afflecks.

Spotting a unique gap in the market. Their bricks and mortar store allowed them to support tattoo artists by selling affordable, alternative products decorated with tattoo artwork.

As a labour intensive and demanding job tattoo artists didn’t have an easy way to explore a secondary income. Working with the artists Kate & Hannah were able to offer a way for tattoo artists to supplement their income, offering alternative products that would appeal to current customers as well as reaching a new audience.


Amazing Tattoo Man Mug by Katie Abey 11.99 by Stag & Raven-min

Amazing Tattoo Man Mug by Katie Abey


Amazing Tattooed Lady by Katie Abey. 12.00 -min

Amazing Tattooed Lady by Katie Abey


The Stag & Raven Marketplace

While tattoos have been around forever it’s only been in this last few decades this subculture has become mainstream. With so many people appreciating the work of this talented and dedicated group of artists, Stag & Raven saw the next step as an online platform where customers could easily find objects featuring their favourite tattoo artist’s work.

The Stag & Raven website is a growing online marketplace for tattoo artists; providing e-commerce, marketing, fulfilment and support to tattoo artists. Selling their designs on limited edition art prints, clothing, homeware and accessories.

Alongside their artists, Stag & Raven have also teamed up with Inkluded, a finalist in the UK Blog Awards 2017, who act as a regular contributor to the website. Inkluded’s Founder and Editor Beccy Rimmer, said of the collaboration:

“I am absolutely thrilled to be working with Stag & Raven. I’ve been working with tattoo artists for the past few years, and it’s an exciting step to now come together with this art brand to share the amazing work of UK tattooists even wider.

They are creating such incredible work on skin every day, and this project means a lot to the artists involved, and given them the opportunity step back from their jobs to create work off-skin for once, something they thrive on but often don’t have time to do as busy working tattooists!”


Zebra By Tattoo Artist Ashley Luka £16.00-min

Zebra by Ashley Luka


Frenchie by Tattoo Artist Angharad Chappelle 16.00-min

Frenchie by Angharad Chappelle


All About the Artists

Keen supporters of not just the UK tattoo industry but also the individual artists Stag & Raven have been careful to ensure that all artists are credited for their work; Sharing the story of the artists with the Stag & Raven customers.

Fundamental to the Stag & Raven marketplace is the belief in offering an affordable way to shop for art and clothing that supports artists directly.

Awesome Flash Mug by Jon Turner 11.99 by Stag & Raven -min

Awesome Flash Mug by Jon Turner


Skulls By Tattoo Artist Hannah Von Farren 28.00-min

Skulls by Hannah Von Farren


Find Out More

Featured items: Amazing Tattoo Man Mug by Katie Abey £11.99; Amazing Tattooed Lady Art Print by Katie Abey, from £12.00; Zebra Art Print by Ashley Luka  from £16.00; Frenchie Art Print by Angharad Chappelle from £16.00; Awesome Flash Mug by Jon Turner £11.99 and Skulls Artwork by Tattoo Artist Hannah Von Farren, £28.00.

To see more products from the Stag & Raven collection and find out more about the tattoo artist’s behind the designs please visit the Stag & Raven marketplace.