Card & Gift Network’s Top Ten Greeting Cards of 2017

As has become my new year tradition, today were taking a look back to find the Top Ten Greeting Cards of 2017. For this feature I scoured the archives to review all of the greetings cards I featured in 2017 and pick my top ten designs.

As always it was difficult to settle on just ten greeting card designs but I hope you approve of my final choice. There are card designs from across the year but quite a few come from February, which is probably not surprising considering how many new greeting cards are launched at the start of each year.

I’d like to stress (as I’ve probably done before) there is no order within the Top Ten Greeting Cards of 2017, to me they are all equal. The numbering is just there so I know when I’ve hit ten, or I could easily go on and on. So without further waffling here are my top ten cards from last year’s features.


1. Big Top Card by Pennychoo

Big Top Card by Pennychoo

Monkey & Elephant Card from the Big Top Collection

My first choice for the top ten greeting cards of 2017 was first showcased in February (which turned out to be a great month for greetings cards). From blog favourite Pennychoo the greeting card is this fabulous Monkey & Elephant Birthday card from the Big Top collection. Alongside the adorable theme I really love the design style of this card; created in part via a hugely laborious “sponging” process the design has wonderful distressed vibe, which adds character and depth. The vintage-inspired design style combined with on-point font and Pennychoo’s unmistakeable touch of humour makes this card the perfect way to take us back to the glory days of the circus.


2. To My Favourite Bad Influence Card by Flying Teaspoons

To My Favourite Bad Influence Card

A Card for Your Favourite Bad Influence

Next from February I profiled Flying Teaspoons a unique company making original greetings cards and gifts. Among the collection was this fabulous card perfect for the bad influence in your life. This card made the top ten for me because of its design style, there’s something distinctive and unique about Laura’s designs that really make them stand out; the adorable creatures don’t hurt things either!


3. I Love You this Much Greeting Card by Studio Boketto

I Love You this Much Greeting Card

I Love You this Muuuch!!!

My third and final top ten greeting card to emerge in February is taken from my pick of Valentine’s Day Cards for unconventional couples. The Valentines feature brought me this simple and sweet design from Studio Boketto. It was a top ten card for me for the combination of sleek minimal design, cute sentiment and contemporary illustrative style.


4. Charming Star Card by Blue Eyed Sun

Charming Card Range by Blue Eyed Sun

Charming Birthday Card

My next choice in the top ten cards of 2017 is this star-themed birthday card from Blue Eyed Sun. Featured in my June preview of the PG Live show, the card is taken from the ‘Charming’ range and features a simple design of stars; making it a great choice for a wide number of recipients. The charm of this design for me can be found in the small details: the handwritten-style text, the text labels which pop out from the card and the sprinkle of gems.


5. Home Sweet Home Card by Amy Louise Designs

Home Sweet Home Card

For a Home Sweet Home

Also in June my look at 20 of the best new card ranges about to hit the shops unveiled a lot of spectacular new greetings cards. I particularly liked this Home Sweet Home card by Amy Louise Designs. The modern style of the florals and the soft colour palette gives it a lovely elegant feel, while the gold foil adds a little touch of luxury that finishes the design beautifully.


6. ‘Happy Birthday from All Your Cats’ Card by Dean Morris Cards

Cats Birthday Card by Dean Morris Cards

Birthday Wishes from All Your Cats

One of two cards in the top ten from my preview of Autumn Fair 2017 is this ‘Happy Birthday from All Your Cats’ design. Created by Dean Morris Cards this card is a winner simply because it did its job perfectly, it made me laugh, which is pretty much what humorous greeting cards are supposed to do; several months later in fact and despite seeing this card many, many times, it still makes me smile.


7. Postman Pat Breaking Bad Card by Lesser Spotted Image

Postman Pat Breaking Bad Card

Postman Pat Meets Breaking Bad

The second top ten greeting cards of 2017 design from my top card designers to see at Autumn Fair is this Postman Pat meets Breaking Bad inspired greeting card design by Lesser Spotted Images. As a fan of the show I always love to see Breaking Bad inspiring the greetings card and giftware world but it was the small details in this card that made it an obvious pick for the top ten; how could you not love a card that has Postman Pat’s cat Jess in her own meth-proof gas mask?!


8. Unicorn Birthday Card by Sarah Ray Illustration

Unicorn Birthday Card

For a Magical Unicorn Birthday

In August 2017 my “behind the scenes” interview with Sarah Ray unveiled this superb birthday card, giving a unique twist on the popular unicorn trend. Presented with Sarah’s signature humour it’s my favourite unicorn-related design by far and considering all the unicorns we saw in 2017 that is saying something.


9. ‘There’s Chemistry Between Us’ Card by Hunter Paper Co

The Chemistry Between Us by Hunter Paper Co

There’s Chemistry Between Us

In October the Winners of the A/W PaperAwards Hunter Paper Co delivered this cool card for couples. Without any specific occasion references it’s ideal for Valentine’s Day, Anniversaries and more. I like the contemporary style and the letterpress printing process adding a wonderful texture to the design, which is clearly visible even in photographs.


10. Christmas Edged In Gold Snowman Card by Five Dollar Shake

Christmas Edged In Gold Card Range

Snowman Card from Christmas Edged In Gold Range

Closing the pick of top ten greeting cards of 2017 is this charming snowman design from Five Dollar Shake, which featured in my December rundown of the top award-nominated Christmas Cards of 2017. As with all of Five Dollar Shake’s lovely greeting cards the thing that makes this design special is all of the work and detail that goes into the design; from the thick, textured card stock to the use of both red and gold flitter, and sprinkle of colourful gems this simple snowman is elevated to a Christmas luxury.


I hope you like my pick of top ten greeting cards of 2017, look out for the top ten gifts next.

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