A Quick Introduction to the Winners of Launchpad London 2018

With the London Stationery Show just around the corner (24th-25th April) I’ve had all things stationery firmly fixed in my mind for a few weeks now. So you can imagine how pleased I was to get the news that this year’s LaunchPad competition had chosen the winners it would be showcasing at this year’s exhibition.

For the third year running, LaunchPad London set out to find exciting stationery designers that could contribute to the future of the industry.

After much deliberation by this year’s three leading judges, 12 LaunchPad winners have been chosen. The winners will each receive a free exhibition stand at the London Stationery Show; Allowing them to showcase their ideas to the industry and kickstart an exciting career in the world of stationery.


The Judges

LaunchPad London Judges-min

LaunchPad London Judges: Nikki Strange, Sidonie Warren and Daniel Mark Carr (left to right)


The three judges were all stationery experts. Sidonie Warren, founder of design-led stationery retailer Papersmiths, Daniel Mark Carr, global brand director of international art supplies company ColArt and award-winning textile and stationery designer Nikki Strange.

Commenting on their judging experience the panel revealed:

Designer Nikki said,

“It’s been amazing to see such a high standard of creative and varied entries for LaunchPad, particularly with the attention to detail in presentation, packaging and finesse for such newly launched designers and brands.”

Papersmiths founder Sidonie said,

“I really enjoyed seeing the product designs and hearing more about how the show is put together.”

Whilst Daniel commented,

“It was incredibly difficult judging all the submissions for this year’s LaunchPad as the quality was absolutely top notch! I was so pleased to see applicants from across the UK and from Croatia, Spain and Australia. I was also impressed at the variety of submissions; a clear sign of the exciting future that is in store for the UK stationery industry.”


The Winners

Chosen from over 50 entries let’s take a look at the 12 winners of 2018’s LaunchPad London competition.


1. Octàgon Design

Octagon Design

Notebooks from Octàgon Design

Based in Barcelona, Octàgon Design produce a range of planners and calendars featuring a pared-back minimalist design style.


2. Back Pocket Notebooks

The Back Pocket Notebooks Collection

The Back Pocket Notebooks Collection

Designed in Oxfordshire by Justin Avery to inspire and educate, Back Pocket Notebooks are a range of premium quality pocket notebooks. The niche design range has themes including web, space, cricket and guitars; with plans underway to expand the collection to cover the solar system and colour theory.


3. Clipmatic


The Clipmatic Minimalist Organiser

Clipmatic is a Bristol based company which has a patent pending for their minimalist organiser. The organiser works with any spiral bound notebook, regardless of size; making it ideal for individual use or easily customised for promotional or corporate use.


4. Regiftwrap™

Regiftwrap Re-Usable Gift Wrap

Regiftwrap Re-Usable Gift Wrap

Regiftwrap™ is reusable gift wrap which maintains its good looks regardless of the number of times is it used. Available in six classic colours, each sheet is stored in its own reusable gift tin. Soft to handle and tear-resistant, Regiftwrap is designed to handle sticky tape with ease.


5. Yo Boki

Yo Boki Collection

The Yo Boki Collection

Inspired by Japanese kawaii culture, this first UK collection of Boki products will feature greeting cards, wrapping paper, notebooks, stickers, collector’s pin badges and its own activity pack and gift wrap set. It’s time for the UK to claim its own kawaii character and Boki (a little pink heart) is set to start its own wave of positive vibes for children of all ages.


6. VAU

VAU Stationery Range

VAU Stationery Range

Designed in Croatia, VAU is a premium range of desktop accessories, which are refined, understated and made from solid metal. Each piece is designed in-house and combines both traditional and contemporary technologies, with a meticulous final touch from VAU’s craftsmen.


7. How Funny

How Funny Greeting Cards

How Funny Greeting Cards

How Funny are a large range of greeting cards and prints by Brighton-based Jez How. His unique style is bright, striking and eye-catching; every card design is accompanied by a funny caption and a great coloured envelope!


8. Type and Story

The Type and Story Collection

The Type and Story Collection

Type and Story is a ‘contemporary paper goods brand’ with a graphic design twist. Founded by London-based graphic designer Niccy Iseman Type and Story operates as a mini fashion house, creating two ‘stories’ every year (spring/summer and autumn/winter) that are always different but always use typography and storytelling. The range includes notebooks, cards, notecards and wall prints.


9. Not Only Polka Dots

Not Only Polka Dots Stationery Collection

Not Only Polka Dots Stationery Collection

Fun prints and cute illustrations are used across notebooks, planners, calendars, clipboards, pencils, pencil cases and greeting cards. Designed in Huddersfield, many elements of the Not Only Polka Dots collection are currently handmade, so can be customised easily, but in all cases, production can be scaled up to meet demand.


10. High Meadows Stationery

High Meadows Pencil Case

High Meadows Pencil Case

High Meadows produce a range of beautiful pencil cases and desk accessories crafted to perfectly accompany other high-quality stationery pieces. Transparency regarding heritage, provenance and workmanship, along with the use of classic materials such as waxed cotton and vegetable-tanned leather, all sourced in the UK and designed in Bolton, make these items unique and desirable.


11. The Curious Department

The Curious Department Collection

The Curious Department Collection

A passion for under-appreciated aesthetics found in nature and the notion of transformation led the London-based Curious Department designers to create two great collections of stationery – Metamorphosis and Elemental. By using the best paper stocks and digital foiling they produce a luxurious feel in an affordable price range.



Batch Works

Batch Works Hex Organisers

HEX is a new modular system to arrange your workspace ensuring everything you need is always to hand. Made from a combination of solid wood and 3D printed magnetic accessories, Hex can be customised with over 50 colours available to choose from. Designed and made in East London.


Where to See the Launchpad London Winners

All the winning companies will be exhibiting at the London Stationery Show on Tuesday and Wednesday, 24th & 25th April 2018.

Show organisers are encouraging all stationery buyers to visit the show, see the products, meet the designers behind them and give feedback that can help these promising stationery brands with the next stage of their business.

Find out more about the London Stationery Show.


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