It’s that Time Once Again! National Stationery Week 2018 is Almost Here.

Despite the frequent downpours I love April; the sun starts to shine more (in between the rain), the world gets a little more colourful as more flowers bloom, and we in the card & gift industry get to tap into stationery-fever for National Stationery Week.

Yes, it’s that time of year, National Stationery Week 2018 is just 7 days away.

As you’d expect the @NatStatWeek office is buzzing in anticipation of the kickoff next Monday… and they’re not alone!



What is National Stationery Week 2018?

The purpose of National Stationery Week and its Writing Matters campaign is to celebrate writing by hand. To get people all over the world talking about and sharing details of their favourite stationery and stationers, and naturally for everyone to send more letters and cards!

Held annually, the event is organised by the London Stationery Show; coinciding with World Stationery Day and the #writingmatters campaign.

Aims of the event include:

  • To get stationery lovers talking about and sharing details of their stationery and what they use it for, plus the products, brands and retailers they like and can recommend.
  • To promote the importance of handwriting and encourage people to keep writing.
  • To get more people spelling stationery with an “E”!


Last Year’s Event

The 2017 event reached tens of millions of consumers and stationery fans. Highlighting how important stationery and writing is, even in our increasingly digital world.

The 2017 campaign…

  • Generated nearly 200 pieces of national press coverage.
  • Inspired the use of a bespoke NSW (National Stationery Week) franking stamp by Royal Mail.
  • Reached 30,000 stationery fans on social media.
  • United 90 countries worldwide for World Stationery Day.
  • Saw 100 retailers run their own National Stationery Week promotions.


This Year’s National Stationery Week Plans

For the week, organisers and participants will be celebrating all things stationery-related, using the general hashtags #natstatweek and #writingmatters

The campaign’s own online stationery community of 20,000 twitter and Facebook followers take the lead on helping to spread the word and engaging with the brands who support it.  Consumer media and bloggers, suppliers, retailers, schools and the trade press also all do their bit to promote National Stationery Week 2018.

The week will revolve around 7 daily themes, which focus on different elements of the world of stationery. Themes include:

Monday 23rd April #makeanote

Tuesday 24th April #penandpencil

Wednesday 25th April #stationerytheworldover

Thursday 26th April #workhappy

Friday 27th April #aplaceforeverything

Saturday 28th April #getcrafty

Sunday 29th April #signaturesunday


7 Days of Stationery

7 Days of Stationery


Get Involved

To get the most impact for National Stationery Week 2018 it’s important that as many of us in the industry get involved. There are lots of ways to participate, here are a few ideas to get you started…

  • Use social media to share your favourite stationery products, brands and retailers.
  • Upload stationery/writing themed pictures with the general hashtags #natstatweek and #writingmatters as well as the daily hashtags (shown above).
  • Write a letter or card to a relative or friend.
  • Treat yourself some new stationery swag, you deserve it!
  • Encourage little ones to write cards and letters.
  • Practice your handwriting and share the results on social media.
  • Teachers – create handwriting-themed challenges for your classes.
  • Bloggers – write a post about National Stationery Week 2018.


Find Out More

If you want to find out more about National Stationery Week 2018 please visit the event’s official website. And don’t forgot to keep your eyes peeled for all things stationery starting on Monday.