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To start the week I wanted to show off a few special items that have recently made their way to Card & Gift Network HQ. The cards and gifts are the creations of Santoro London, a fun and quirky company, passionate about beautifully designed gifts, lifestyle products, paper engineering and stationery.

The first images are the ‘Night Rainbow Premium Journal & Pen Set’, a soft touch notebook with dreamlike illustrations both on the outside cover of the journal and throughout the inner pages; co-ordinated with a chunky lime green pen. Also in the package of goodies was a pretty gift-boxed pen from the Mirabelle collection and a selection of stunning 3D cards from the ‘Pop n Rock’, ‘Pirouette’ and ‘Swing’ card collections. I have to admit, I had to cheat and get some official photos from the lovely folks at Santoro London for the 3D cards (my photos weren’t really capturing the details). Each of the cards is a full 3D experience with intricate layers that fold out to create tea parties, seascapes, bird cages and more. While we do see a lot of greeting cards here at HQ, everyone has been particularly impressed with these designs and the marvellous paper engineering involved, it’s not surprising that they’ve won awards! I’m hoping to share an interview with a ‘Behind the Design’ look at Santoro London soon, but for now I hope you like this quick look at some of their much-loved products.

Santoro Notebook Detail

Santoro Pen






Featured items: Night Rainbow Premium Journal, £13.99; If Only Mirabelle Pen, £4.99 and assorted 3D cards, £5.49. To see the full collection of greetings cards and gifts please visit the Santoro London website.

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