3D Pop Up Cards Bring Surprise & Delight to Every Event

by | Aug 26, 2010 | Greeting Cards

3D Pop Up Cards for Every Occasion

Open Box Design are an award-winning company that make bright, bold 3D pop up cards. Today’s images are from three of their hugely popular 3-Dimensional, pop-up card ranges: Brilliant Birthdays, Lov3d Up and Wuff.

new baby pop up card

3d pop up cards - happy birthday pop up card

Images shown above from the ‘Brilliant Birthdays’ 3D pop cards range originally sold out on their first print run. Listening to industry demand,Open Box Design developed the range further; creating 18 shimmering cards with designs including: ages, birthdays and new baby sentiments.

3d pop up cards - love hearts pop up card

‘Lov3d Up’ adds words to the 3-Dimensional mix. With a ‘teaser’ phrase on the front of the card, the full message  is only revealed when the card is opened. These are elegant designs that are contemporary, cheeky and romantic.

3d pop up cards - close up of love hearts pop up card

The final 3-Dimensional card range from Open Box Design is a collection for the dog-lovers. Each ‘Wuff’ card has the simple outline of a dog on the cover. Inside is the surprise, where the pooch comes to life its pop up form.

3d pop up cards - dog pop up card

Where to Buy 3D Pop Up Cards

2010 has been an enormously successful year for Open Box Design’s 3D pop cards range. A constantly growing, innovative company there will be lots of exciting new ranges added to their greetings card collection in the coming years.

To find out more, stock or purchase from the range please visit the Open Box Design website.

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