3d printed jewellery: In Spaces SUNRISE pendant

In Spaces Unveil Cutting-Edge 3D Printed Jewellery.

In today’s blog post were taking a look at a new range of 3D printed jewellery. Created by London-based In-Spaces, the range comprises earrings and pendants made possible by cutting-edge 3D printing technology.

As an award-winning design marketplace In-Spaces were excited to experiment with 3D printing. A huge breakthrough in technology, 3D printing offered the design studio a chance to turn any design they could conceive into a three-dimensional reality.

While the world of design of interiors have given us 3D printed chairs, bowls and plates, the In-Spaces team were keen to turn this new tech towards the traditional gift market of jewellery design.

Inspired by the delicate forms of the nature, In-Spaces 3D printed jewellery collection brings a modern touch to the classic jewellery gift. The ‘Sunset’ and ‘Sunrise’ earrings and pendants are elegant pieces, with a stylish, minimal look perfect for everyday wear.

Each jewellery design is made using moulds created by the 3D printing technology; creating continuity and accuracy during the manufacturing process. The new technology offers an incredible level of detail that ensures the finished jewellery is exactly as the designers intended. These moulds are then filled with sterling silver, or in the case of the gold pendant, filled with brass and then plated in 18ct gold.

The 3D Printed Jewellery collection is currently available in two colour palettes: Sunrise in a cool sterling silver and Sunset in a warm, gold-plated hue.

The range brings an exciting new twist to the traditional gift of jewellery and could be our first look at the jewellery gifts of tomorrow. See what you think!

3d printed jewellery: In Spaces SUNSET earrings

3d printed jewellery: In Spaces SUNRISE earrings

In Spaces SUNSET pendant necklace

In Spaces SUNSET pendant gold necklace

Featured items: Sunrise Sterling Silver Earrings and Sunset 18ct Gold Plated Earrings, £195 per pair. Sunrise Sterling Silver Pendant and Sunset 18ct Gold Plated Pendant, £148 each. To see more, stock to purchase from the 3D Printed Jewellery collection please visit the In-Spaces website.

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