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Christmas Greetings for All.

With Christmas fast approaching this will be my last pick of this year’s best festive offerings. Hopefully giving you some time to run out and make your final purchases. For the last holiday showcase I’ve got 10 Christmas cards where the words and typography are the star. These cards are all about the Christmas greetings. A splendid choice of fun phrases, holiday lists, Christmas definitions and heartfelt wishes. Whatever you want to say these cards will help you spread a little Christmas cheer.

1. Is there any better expression of festive excitement? Radiating sheer Christmas joy the first card pick (above) is the ‘Smiling is My Favourite’ Christmas greetings card. $5.50 each of $18.00 for a set of four cards from Lemonwood Imprints.

mrs l cards all i want A5 card

2. A simple and elegant Christmas card for your favourite person. ‘All I want for Christmas’ card. £2.50 from Mrs L Cards.


3. A must-have Christmas card for your northern pals. Deliver your Christmas greetings in true Geordie fashion with a ‘Night Before Christmas’ Geordie Christmas card. £2.50 from Wotmalike.

Wordplay Design Autocorrect Christmas Greetings Cards

4. The best contemporary Christmas cards for all your tech-loving (perhaps even loathing?) friends and family are these fab Autocorrect designs. A Pack of 4 Autocorrect Christmas cards are £7.45 from Wordplay Design’s NOTHS shop.

victoria eggs Festive-Fun-Lifestyle-Greeting-Card-CC19X

5. Complete with all things festive and some intricate typography, the ‘Festive Fun’ Christmas greetings card is definitely the best one for design-savvy, stylish friends. Festive Fun Cards are £2.75 each from Victoria Eggs.

DEBORAH BALLINGER DB-Illustrations-011 - silent night small 2

6. With unique ‘chalk-board’ style design and classic Silent Night lyrics this Christmas greetings card will look delightful on any festive mantelpiece. Single ‘Silent Night’ Christmas card are £2.65 from Deborah Ballinger’s Etsy shop.


7. Don’t miss a single christmas item or greeting with this epic list of all things festive! The ‘Merry | Christmas’ greetings card is £2.50 from Coulson Macleod.

BETSY JARVIS Santa Claus Definition Christmas Card (x10)

8. Our last Christmas greetings pick is all about Santa. A mystery no longer, this card has all the facts. The Santa Claus Definition Christmas Card is £16.00 for a pack of 10 cards from Betsy Jarvis.

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