Mini Interview with Robyn from Afiki Designs

by | Dec 9, 2009 | Greeting Cards

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Behind the Scenes of Afiki Desgins

Over the last few months I’ve been email chatting with Robyn at Afiki Designs, who created the delightful Bill Snail cards.  As well as sending me tonnes of Bill Snail pictures, Robyn also found time to answer a few questions …

How did Afiki get started?

Art and greetings cards have always been such a big part of my and my families life. Growing up at boarding school before email meant that receiving  post from India or Africa (or where ever home was) was something you spent the whole week looking forward to. Then in the holidays my mum always had a painting on the go or a wall size canvas for my brother and I to paint.  so it just seems very fitting that we can combine these things into a business that we love to do.

What is your inspiration?

Mostly our inspiration comes from very mundane everyday things, a birthday for a friend will spark off an idea or a new baby in the family is the inspiration for the new kids range (in the pipe line).  The most recent one was a cousin passing her driving test (out soon).

shopping themed funny greeting card

How did Bill Snail evolve?

Bill Snail cards had a rather unorthodox beginning.  I got very ill and was bed-bound.  For a long time I could hardly talk, move or even feed myself, the frustration and slow pace of recovery came out in the form of Bill Snail.  Eventually Bill took on a life of his own and became Bill snail cards.

What are your plans for the future?

We hope to be bringing out a few more lines in the near future one being the ‘Sweeties’ range. We also have two little Bill Snail gift books – one on friendship and the other on life. We have a numbers range and a couple of others still in the design stages just now.  I have always wanted to open a little boutique gift and card shop so maybe that is somewhere in the future for Afiki too.

What is your ideal gift to receive?

I love gifts that have been thought out. A friend who always takes the mickey out of my sense of direction – or more correctly the fact that I don’t have one – gave me a compass as a leaving present.

I know it may be un-environmentally friendly of me, but I love beautiful packaging  A friend once joked that I would be happy with a dog biscuit so long as is it was nicely wrapped! I think it just makes the whole gift more exciting and special… and of course a great card!

Thank you Robin! 

Update: Sadly Afiki Designs appear to be no longer in business. If you have an update please get in touch. 

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