Graphic Gifts Pick - Moscow Tea Towel by AK-LH

AK-LH’s New Graphic Gifts Celebrate the Wonderful City of Moscow.

Graphic design studio AK-LH have recently unveiled ‘MOSCOW’. A collection of graphic gifts to inspire, captivate and celebrate the historic city of Moscow.

AK-LH’s graphic-themed collections never fail to stand out from the crowd and the new MOSCOW collection is no exception. The bright graphics pop out from the sleek black background to give an eye-catching pattern that graphic design fans will adore.

As citizens of a global and connected world, AK-LH’s wanted their new home and gift range to pay tribute to a fascinating city. Famous for meetings and speeches, signs and posters, typography plays a big part in the illustrations. While tradition, architecture, food, dancing and the space race is also woven into the capital’s story.

As with previous AK-LH creations (such as the Crazy Bones and Techno collections) every AK-LH product in the ‘MOSCOW’ collection is 100% Made in France. Ensuring the Paris-based design studio offer the highest level of craftsmanship and quality.

The new collection of Moscow-inspired, graphic gifts includes a range of cushions, textile poster / tea towel and hard iPhone cases. I’m delighted to be able to share a few of the designs here on the blog. See what you think …

Graphic Gifts Pick - Moscow Cushion by AK-LH

Graphic Gifts Pick - Moscow Cushion by AK-LH

Graphic Gifts Pick - Moscow - iphone 4&4S case by AK-LH

Featured graphic gifts pick: Textile Poster / Tea Towel, (19 €); Cushion available in 40×40 cm (39 €) and in 50×50 cm (49 €) and iPhone Cover, (19 €). UK-based readers can also find AK-LH designs stocked at Rume in Hove. Alternatively please visit the AK-LH website for more information on stocking or purchasing from the collection.

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