Spotlight on the Stunning Ceramics of America

by | Mar 30, 2010 | Gifts

textured ceramic bowl

Cool Ceramics Fresh From Brooklyn

From her studio in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, Alyssa Ettinger makes porcelain into tactile works of art. Interesting patterns and fonts add a modern twist to this classic material. With each piece crafted by hand, Alyssa creates a unique item every time.

This bowl is part of the ‘Knitwear Collection’. Inspired by sweater patterns, which give an intricate pattern to its modern shape. Glazed on the inside, bowls are food-safe. Measuring 5.5″ in diameter and 3″ high, the bowl retails at $65 (prices are American Dollars).

textured ceramic pots

The ‘Knitwear Collection’ uses both cable knits and regular knits. Slip-cast cups (shown above) and tumblers (shown below) are available in a variety of colours. Each piece in the collection is unglazed satin matte finish on the outside, giving a pearl like finish to the touch.. Prices are $50 for a set of two cups and $35 for each tumbler.

textured ceramic cups

Celebrating true New York classic themes, these porcelain wares are cast from antique bottles. The set consists of two half-pint sized bottles and one rare pint sized bottle. From dairies in Brooklyn and Queens, the embossed fonts add historic detail to these fun porcelain pieces. Ranging between 4″ and 6″ in height, the bottles make wonderful vases. The collection retails at $100.

vintage bottle style ceramic bottles

To see all of these pieces and many more, have a look at the official Alyssa Ettinger website.

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