goolie goolie baby dummy with a difference range

New Baby Dummy Gift Offers a First Friend to Little Ones.

The new goolie goolie™ is launching with the aim to be baby’s first friend. An all-in-one dummy and soft plush perfect for little ones to hold, love and adore.

Melbourne-based mum and marketing veteran Bernadette Walsh created this ‘baby dummy with a difference’ aiming to bring a smile to the face of babies across Australia. With the launch of the new goolie goolie™ she will no doubt please a few mums too!

The goolie goolie™ is a brand new product that unites a quality baby dummy with the much-loved comforter. The unique and clever design attaches a silicone dummy to a lightweight, high-quality plush animal, which keeps the dummy close to baby without the use of cords or clips.

With its sweet design and quality craftsmanship the goolie goolie™ is an ideal gift product. Combining cute character design with a soothing dummy and a super soft comforter perfect for a baby’s sensitive skin. The new gift idea gives a portable playmate as well as something soft for babies to hold and love.

Proud of her Australian home, Bernadette has created the first goolie goolie™ designs in the form of three iconic Australian animals: a Wombat named Bluey, a Kangaroo called Rusty and Banjo the Koala.

Each goolie goolie™ is a soother that complies with mandatory Australian Safety Standards. The dummy is made of Medical Grade Silicone and is BPA free (Bisphenol A is an organic synthetic compound).

These first goolie goolie™ characters are approximately 12cm long and 38g in weight and are recommended for newborns to six months. A novel new gift idea for new borns, I’m sure we’ll be seeing new characters added to the range in the future.

goolie goolie baby dummy with a difference

Today’s featured baby dummy & plush characters retail at $24.95 (AUD) each. To find out more about stocking or purchasing from the range please visit the official goolie goolie™ website.

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