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by | May 24, 2010 | Gifts

New Jewellery Gifts Direct from Barcelona

Bandada are based in Barcelona where they merge their experience in jewellery design with their knowledge of product and graphic design. Creating jewels that use both handcrafted procedures with industrial finishes. Today we’ve got some images from their collection.

bird pendant

Birds are a huge trend at the moment and their natural beauty is captured in these simple, classic designs. The pendant above depicts the Dupont’s Lark. In danger of extinction, just few live in Bandada’s home country of Spain. This modern design is painted, engraved and hung on an adjustable cord. Bandada sell their jewellery via the Supermarket site, so prices are in American dollars. The Dupont Lark pendant retails at $40.

gold bird earrings

These long silhouette earrings show geese in different stages of flight. The earrings are handmade in sterling silver and and plated with 24 carat gold. The earrings are also available in a Hummingbird design. Specially gift boxed they make a beautiful gift at $135.

silver bird brooch

Bandada’s collection of bird silhouettes also includes this sleek Raven Brooch design. The bird can be purchased set on a branch or diamond (as pictured). The brooch is handmade in sterling silver, retailing at $110. The last image is a beautiful pair of earrings that are new for 2010. Sterling Silver Hummingbird silhouettes cast on delicate circles and priced at $85.

silver bird earrings

To see all of these nature inspired pieces, take a look at Bandada’s online store.

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