Keep Your Big Day Hassle-Free with the Best Wedding Stationery.

The best wedding stationery doesn’t just look great it should also ensure your big day runs smoothly.

Planning a wedding is a stressful time. First there’s the pressure to have the most perfect day, then the huge cost of a modern wedding that can leave you sleepless. Not to mention having to cajole what can sometimes be hundreds of people to one location, on one day, at one very specific time.

A wedding is quite simply a lot of to handle, even for the most organised being on the planet. While any wedding planner is sure to get at least one headache-inducing moment on the run up to the big day there are ways to make the chaos a little easier.

One of those magic items is choosing the best wedding stationery products.

Beyond choosing the right design to match your theme and colour scheme wedding stationery’s biggest gift lies in the organisation it brings.

With the right wedding stationery you can minimise the chaos and ensure your wedding day runs smoothly.

Appreciating the calm order wedding invitations and RSVP’s can restore, we’ve turned to the wedding stationery experts at Five Dollar Shake Weddings for their help in putting together a list of must-have stationery items for a hassle-free wedding day.

1. Save the Date Cards

save the date cards - five dollar shake weddings

Hand-Finished Save the Date Card

A seemingly never-ending job list, coupled with hard-to-book wedding venues means that most modern weddings are planned at least a year (sometimes more) in advance. This makes our first stationery choice, the ‘Save the Date’ card a wedding essential.

Usually sent 9-12 months before the big day, the Save the Date card announces the happy news and gives your ideal guest list the date of your wedding. For you this is peace of mind that your favourite people won’t be double-booked when the day comes. It’s also a huge help for the wedding guests who don’t want to miss your big day.

2. The Wedding Invitations

best wedding stationery - wedding invitation - five dollar shake

Wedding Invitation – Fairy Tale Wedding

The wedding invitation is the classic (and once upon a time the only) element of the best wedding stationery package. This is where you can set the scene for your wedding and give your guests all the information they need to know.

Alongside basics such as date and venue you can also include separate cards with details specific to your celebrations. Want to include a specific dress code, or instructions on gifts? The wedding invitation is the place for information; a great piece of wedding stationery that guests will refer to in the run up to your wedding.

3. RSVP Cards

best wedding stationery rsvp cards - five dollar shake weddings


Including a separate RSVP card with your wedding invitation is a hassle-free way to ensure that you get a definitive ‘yes, please’ or ‘no, thank you’ response from your guests.

While you can add a note to your invitations asking guests to RSVP, a card is less likely to be accidentally overlooked. Creating an RSVP card that your guests can quickly update and post back is a quick and easy way to know who is and isn’t coming; vital information for the rest of your wedding plans.

4. Order of Service


Order of Service Card

The Order of Service is a classic in the very best wedding stationery, a way to guide your guests through each element of the wedding ceremony. By giving each guest or each pair of guests a run down of what is planned you’ll eliminate anyone pestering the bridesmaids or the ushers for information when they have much more important tasks to perform. The Order of Service also acts as a great reminder of your happy day, which guests will often take with them as a souvenir once the wedding day is done.

5. Table Names or Numbers

table number cards - five dollar shake weddings

Table Number Card

Ushering your guests into the right spot doesn’t end at the church or registry office but will often continue to the wedding reception. Usually a carefully planned pre-wedding task, the seating chart is a strategic element of the wedding plans.

Whether it’s as simple as ensuring the kids have people their own age to mingle with or avoiding any potential family feuds; having clearly-labelled tables that can be matched to a seating chart is a great way to get your guests into the right seat and avoid any uncomfortable situations.

6. Name / Place Cards


Place Card

Like the table names, individual place cards are not just a way to control who sits where but give you the chance to match guests to a spot where they will feel comfortable and enjoy the wedding.

It’s not an exact science, but a little time planning ahead and a place card will help everyone find their seat and (fingers-crossed) have a good time once they get there.

7. The Wedding Menu


Wedding Menu

Lots of thought, planning and tasting sessions go into choosing the wedding feast so why not show it off in a menu? One or two printed menus to share round the table will show off the food delights to come and should once again reduce the number of queries to the bridesmaids, ushers and any waiters. They’re also a great way for guests to highlight any food issues before the first course arrives.

8. The Thank You Card


Wedding Thank You Card

Our last essential piece of the best wedding stationery is incredibly important but isn’t actually needed till after the wedding day. The Thank You card is usually sent as soon as possible after the wedding is complete, although most guests should understand if you take your honeymoon first!

The Thank You card is the perfect way to end your wedding celebrations. By thanking your guests for giving presents and travelling to and from the wedding and reception venues you’re providing a token of the day and acknowledging how important it was for them to share your special day.

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