Metallic Prints Help You Go for Gold (or Copper, or Bronze).

With their new metallic prints, Betsy Benn have found a simple way to add the wow factor to any wall. The new prints are available as ‘Favourite Destination’ or ‘Favourite Quote’ designs. A great way to celebrate a special place or meaningful words.

Metallic Prints Betsy Benn Designs

Metal Personalised

Experts in personal prints the Betsy Benn team have come up with a variety of imaginative ideas for the destination prints.

“With these personalised reproduction prints you can have the destination of your choice – real or imagined. Maybe you could have ‘Wooden Hill’ at the top of the stairs, or ‘Little Snoring’ or ‘Great Snoring’ (which are real Norfolk towns, by the way) or even ‘Bedfordshire’ hanging over your bed. Choose ‘Barking’ to put by the dog’s kennel or ‘Not In Service’ over the oven! The punny fun you can have with these striking signs is endless; the only limit, your imagination.”

Similarly the ‘Metallic Favourite Quote Print’ can be personalised in any way you like. Choose your favourite song lyrics, a special quote, even a joke or family motto.

As a unique gift for a friend or family member, the new prints offer a world of possibilities. Most significantly however is their potential as wedding anniversary gifts. Bronze for a 19th wedding anniversary, copper for 22 years, silver for a 25th anniversary and gold for a 50th wedding celebration.

Betsy Benn Metallic Prints

metallic prints by betsy benn

Making the Metallic Prints

To please the typographic fans, Betsy Benn also offers a choice of font styles: Johnston Transport Type or Script Style. Each of the metallic prints is also available in a colour of your choice. The current selection includes: gold, silver, bronze and copper.

The stunning look of the metallic prints is created by lasering the chosen words onto a specialised metallic substrate. The prints are then professionally framed in black by expert framers, using FSC approved wood.

Betsy Benn Metallic Destination Prints

Where to Buy

Featured Framed metallic prints are: Metallic Destination Print and Metallic Favourite Quote Print. The framed prints retail at £120.oo each and measure approximately 24.5 x 48 cm.

To find out more, stock or purchase from the range please visit the Betsy Benn website.

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