New Luxury Jewellery from a Dark Fairy Tale

by | Oct 7, 2011 | Gifts

rose ring

Opulent New Jewellery from a Dark Fairy Tale World

Black Rose Love is a dark, fairytale emporium full of beautiful, luxury gifts. Established in February 2010 by Yve Elliott-Nichols, Black Rose Love is the culmination of Yve’s 35 years experience in a variety of business and creative fields. Inspiration stems from the mythical ‘black rose’ (non-existent in nature but often found in fairytales), which as an exquisite, yet impossible idea has come to signify pure love and magic. Combining these ideals of pure love and magic Yve has created a lifestyle brand with a focus on luxury products and mesmerising packaging; evoking memories of England in days gone by. Today’s post features several pieces from the Black Rose Love Jewellery collection; on-trend pieces with a whimsical feel and luxury production.

horse necklace

love ring

heart and wings pendant

love heart ring

charm bracelet

gold rose ring

eiffel tower charm necklace

The items shown today are: Silver Rose Ring, £120; Gold Carousel Horse Pendant, £250; Silver LOVE Knuckle Duster, £95; Gold Winged Heart Pendant, £150; Silver Winged Heart Knuckle Duster, £85; Silver Charm Bracelet, £45; Gold Rose Ring, £150 and Silver Eiffel Tower Pendant, £145. To see more details about each of these pieces or to treat yourself to something frivolous visit the Black Rose Love website.

Image Credit: Michael Daks for Black Rose Love.

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