Busy B Introduce New Stationery Ranges for 2017

When Kerri Binnie (the ‘B’ in Busy B) became a mum, her previously busy life suddenly became very busy indeed. Kerri naturally took this as a sign to get organised; as a product designer she was the perfect person to do this in style.

Kerri set to work crafting cleverly thought-out solutions to tame the mayhem of modern life. As the designer herself says:

“At the heart of the product we develop is our desire to make family life simpler, better organised and more beautiful. Being a super busy mum-of-three, I’m always looking to tame the mayhem of busy family life.”

If your desk is a dilemma and you never know whether you’re coming or going the new stationery ranges from Busy B will reign in the chaos.

Seeing that modern life can be hectic the company has recently created 5 brand new, stylish stationery collections. Innovative products to calm even the most cluttered world.

stylish stationery ranges busy b
1. Busy B Stationery Ranges: 2017 Dated

Busy B’s sweet 2017 calendars aim to bring even the most jam-packed days under control. There’s one to suit every lifestyle, with monthly pockets, columns and colourful stickers to keep an entire family blissfully organised.

For stylish, organising on-the-go Busy B have also designed a range or 2017 diaries. Front of the pack is Busy B’s signature dual schedule diary layout, which lets you manage two schedules at once; home and work, school and life, morning and afternoon, you and them, the possibilities are endless.

The 2017 dated collection has formats to suit every taste. Choose from a dairy big enough for a family, or light enough to pop in your handbag; there’s Slim, Busy Life, Family and To Do diaries for all. Fresh for 2017 Busy B have also created a brand new addition,  a beautiful Day-A-Page diary.

cute stationery ranges busy b

2. Busy B Stationery Ranges: Cute

With pretty patterns and adorable animals, the Cute collection has products that are beautiful, useful and brimming with character. Featuring nifty notebooks, super stickers and perfect paperclips, the cute stationery range will be irresistible to stationery fans young and old.

3. Busy B Stationery Ranges: Fashion

The Fashion collection is all about soft pastels and perfect patterns. A range of cleverly designed products which combine practicality and style. Starring pretty pouches and brilliant bags, these stationery gifts are must-haves for fashionistas of every age.

floral stationery ranges busy b

4. Busy B Stationery Ranges: The Core Collection

The ultimate stationery for busy ladies, Busy B’s Core set mixes charm and cleverness. From super sweet calendars to lovely labels and fabulous folders, the core collection is designed to make the perfect gift. Alternately you can stock up yourself and keep your own life superbly organised.

wedding stationery ranges busy b

5. Busy B Stationery Ranges: Wedding

Last but not least is a stationery range for brides to be; for ladies who want to plan a wedding without the panic. From the ultimate Wedding Planner book to pretty labels for wedding favours the range has all brides need for the perfect wedding day. Beautifully elegant and finished to the finest detail the new wedding designs will make planning even the grandest nuptials a breeze.

stationery ranges busy b

Where to Buy

Each of the 5 new stationery ranges has a variety of products with prices starting at £3.50. To see more, stock or buy please visit the Busy B website.

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