Meet the Super Cute Creature Door Stops

by | Jan 13, 2010 | Gifts

Dog+&+Puppya+Candystripe Doorstops

Door Stops With Style You’ll Adore

Cake UK create design-led gifts in leather and fabric for the home and garden. One of their most desirable gift lines is ‘Stop It!’, a range of funky beanbag doorstops.

Designed and superbly crafted in the UK, using the finest materials, each door stop weighs between 1 and 2kg. Available in funky materials, the range has both regular door stops and animal designs such as the adorable dog and duck versions shown on today’s post.

duck doorstop in striped fabric

With the duck and dog door stops starting from a retail price of just £25 and £30 respectively, these unique characters are fast becoming a true design classic. New designs are being added to the range; the dog and puppy door stops will soon be available in a chocolate brown suede and tartan fabrics, following a launch at this year’s Spring Fair. Details on these funky home accessories can be found on the Cake UK website.

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