Here’s What’s in Store Now Card & Gift Network is Eight!

The first of December marks the blog’s birthday and this year Card & Gift Network is Eight.

Since I first started blogging in 2009 I’ve completed over 1,340 features on greetings card and giftware products and businesses. As I look towards 2018, I’m sure I’ll be going past the 1,500 features; I’m not sure exactly what I’ll find but I am secretly¬†hoping to feature more international card and gift companies, alongside our much-loved UK brands.

As well as blog features there are a few other plans in development and as tradition dictates I’m sharing the ideas here to mark our birthday.

Here are 3 of the main things you can expect in the year ahead.


1. Spotlight

After planning, developing, building and re-building for years, Card & Gift Network’s has its very own Spotlight Pages.

I’ll be adding more businesses; suppliers, designers, retailers, makers and more.

Every business featured will be able to post offers and add updates to promote their products and services to our growing network.

I want to make finding good suppliers and collaborators easier than ever.


2. The Business Club

Business Club will help in Online Marketing & eCommerce

Business Club will help card and gift companies with Online Marketing & eCommerce


In January 2018 I will be launching Card & Gift Network’s very own Business Club.

Aimed at Designers, Makers and Retailers the club will provide teaching, resources and mentoring for businesses who want guidance with online marketing and want to sell more online.


3. Micro Site: The Online Gift Guide

The Online Gift Guide Micro Site

The Online Gift Guide Micro Site


The third and final new addition is a consumer-facing sister site for Card & Gift Network.

The Online Gift Guide was launched to coincide with the publication of our 2017 Christmas Gift Guide, on 1st November and will be developed further in 2018.

The Online Gift Guide will be a micro-site aimed at consumers. It will showcase greetings card and giftware products being sold direct to the public.

Most importantly it will bring lots of opportunities for B2C card and gift companies to get extra exposure for their collections.


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