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by | Jun 18, 2012 | Gifts, Greeting Cards

The Humble Playing Card Elevated

During the last few months as I have been searching out new products and designers for the blog, I have noticed a recurring theme. The humble playing card has been cropping up in both greeting cards and gifts, where it has been used as inspiration, and on occasion the cards themselves have been upcycled into fresh, new products. Playing cards have a distinctive, strong visual, and it’s fun to see the images used in unique, and interesting ways. Today’s blog post is a few of my favourite independent publishers and designers, adding their own style to this everyday item.

First up is a gift idea from To Dry For. The Designer Tea Towel company has printed this fabulous ‘You Are Ace’ design by Laura Seaby that makes a cute souvenir, or stocking filler gift. Available to purchase online from the To Dry For website the tea towel is £10.50

you are ace greeting card

Dilys Treacle Treasures unique style of upcycling found fabrics and ephemera into cool, contemporary designs has created this cool set of greeting cards centred on the four playing card suits. Retailing at £1.80 each, the cards are available direct from the Dilys Treacle Treasures website.

8 of clubs greeting card

8 of hearts greeting card

8 of spades greeting card

8 of diamonds greeting card

Vintage Playing Cards are specialists in handmade greeting cards, frames and stationery made from original vintage games, including (you guessed it) the playing card. Their collection of unique, nostalgic cards and gifts has everything from the small token of an ‘Ace of Hearts’ greeting card to a more substantial frame gift, which uses original playing cards from a vintage spelling game to spell out treasured words and phrases. Ace of Hearts card is £4.95; ‘I Love You’ and and ‘Kiss’ frames and £49 and £39 respectively.

ace of hearts greeting card

vintage playing cards i love you artwork

vintage playing cards kiss artwork

The mini trend for playing cards is also evident in the handmade marketplace. Designer-Makers are finding cute, and novel ways to incorporate playing cards into everything from hair accessories and homewares, to party favours and prints.

All items are available to purchase from the Vintage Playing Cards website.

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