Have You Got Your Thinking of You Cards?

In today’s post, we’re looking at some of the best greeting cards shops can order in for Thinking of You Week 2018. Running from the 24th-30th September this year’s event promises to be bigger and better than ever.

With 7 weeks to go before the festivities kick off now is a great time for shops to order in quick top-up orders from their favourite designers and makers.

To help you get the best cards for the week, here’s our rundown of 25 brilliant¬†designs, perfect for Thinking of You Week 2018.

1. Stronger Than You Think You Are Greeting Card by Alice Palace.

Alice Palace greeting card

Bright Penguin design by Alice Palace

2. Thinking of You Design by Anna Victoria

Anna Victoria greeting card

Floral Thinking of You design by Anna Victoria

3. Fantastically Fabulous Friend Greeting Card by Barley Bay.

Barley Bay greeting card

Bright nature-inspired design by Barley Bay

4. Tell Someone You Love Them Greeting Card by Bettie Confetti.

Bettie Confetti greeting card

Typographic design by Bettie Confetti

5. Thinking of You Card by Blue Eyed Sun.

Blue Eyed Sun greeting card

Thinking of You design by Blue Eyed Sun

6. Just a Note to Tell You Card by C for Design.

C for Design greeting card

Just a Note design by C for Design

7. Just to Say Greeting Card by Carte Blanche.

Carte Blanche greeting card

Cute Tatty Teddy design by Carte Blanche

8. Hello Greeting Card by Cinnamon Aitch.

Cinnamon Aitch greeting card

Contemporary bird design by Cinnamon Aitch

9. I Love You Card by Divine Savages.

Divine Savages greeting card

Sweet I Love You design by Divine Savages

10. I Believe In You Greeting Card by Garlanna.

Garlanna greeting card

Unicorn design by Garlanna

11. Hedgehog Card by Ginger Betty.

Ginger Betty greeting card

Sweet Thinking of You design by Ginger Betty

12. You Make My Heart Sing Greeting Card by Glebe Cottage.

Glebe Cottage greeting card

Bright greeting card design by Glebe Cottage

13. I Miss Your Face Card by I Am Nat.

I am Nat greeting card

Modern typographic design by I am Nat

14. Feathers Greeting Card by Jessica Hayman.

Jessica Hayman greeting card

Thinking of You designs by Jessica Hayman

15. Thinking of You Card by Ling Design.

Ling greeting card

Beautiful Thinking of You card by Ling Designs

16. Fluffy Bear Hugs Greeting Card by Louise Mulgrew Designs.

Louise Mulgrew Designs greeting card

Adorable bear card by Louise Mulgrew Designs

17. Thinking of You Design by Lucy Ledger.

Lucy Ledger greeting card

Foil finished design by Lucy Ledger

18. Favourite Human Card by Lucy Maggie Designs.

Lucy Maggie Designs greeting card

Funny ‘Favourite Human’ card by Lucy Maggie Designs

19. Wondering How You Are Card by Mia Hague.

Mia Hague greeting card

Illustrated design by Mia Hague

20. Thinking of You Greeting Card by Natural Partners.

Natural Partners greeting card

Polaroid-style card by Natural Partners

21. Hummingbird Card by Paper Salad.

Paper Salad greeting card

Stylish design by Paper Salad

22. So Glad We’re Friends Greeting Card by Pigment.

Pigment greeting card

Funny friendship design by Pigment

23. Hello Greeting Card by Think of Me Designs.

Think of Me Designs greeting card

Monochrome-style greeting card by Think of Me Designs

24. This is Terry Card by Tillovision.

Tillovision greeting card

Funny Bunny card by Tillovision

25. Be a Flamingo Greeting Card by Wrendale Designs.

Wrendale Designs greeting card

Fabulous Flamingo greeting card by Wrendale Designs

Find Out More

To take part in this year’s Thinking of You Week order your cards and download your event Toolkit from the Thinking of You Cards website.

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