Introducing the Caring Canary Australia’s Luxury Gift Package Business.

How a Gift Package Business Brought Light to a Dark Time

Before starting her online business, Georgia was a TV producer and also worked in the charity sector. But the hardest job arrived in 2013, when she was faced with having to care for her terminally ill father. It was during this dark time Georgia was inspired to launch her gift package business.

During her father’s illness Georgia witnessed first hand how friends and family members turned away. Not from malice or indifference but purely from not being sure what to say or how to act.  While some visited with flowers, or others sent generic hampers, many were stuck not knowing how to deal with the situation.

When gifts did arrive, although kindly meant, they just weren’t right for the situation. This gave Georgia a classic great idea “lightbulb moment”. Georgia had spotted a gap in the gifting market, seeing a real need for convenient and meaningful gifts that could help celebrate, commiserate or support in times of need.

Georgia with a Caring Canary Gift Package

Georgia with a Caring Canary Gift Package

Care Package Experience

With gift packages Georgia had expertise on her side. Over the years she had been creating her own brand of care packages for friends and family. Seeing how people’s faces lit up when they received a box full of their favourite treats, or healing items if they were unwell, Georgia knew that her lightbulb idea was a good one. A few well chosen gift items, combined with a quote or inspirational card could make a joyful and welcome addition to someone’s day.

After her dad passed away, Georgia didn’t want to let go of her care package idea. Redirecting her grief into something positive, she launched her own gift package business. Despite having no background in e-commerce, Georgia was keen to help connect people and cultivate happiness, to this end, Caring Canary, a gift package start-up was born.

The Ultimate Mother's Gift Box

The Ultimate Mother’s Gift Box

About Caring Canary

Caring Canary aims to be a one-stop-shop where people can quickly and easily brighten someone’s day. The online store has a range of gift boxes and care packages that can be ordered and personalised in a few easy clicks.  These personal gifts are then delivered overnight across Georgia’s home of Australia.

Packages such as the ‘Ultimate Chemo Care Package’ and the ‘Her Survival Kit’ stand out from regular gift packages or hampers; providing meaningful gifts with specially chosen items to nourish at a difficult time.

‘The Deepest Condolences’ package is a highly thought out gift alternative to sending a bunch of flowers during a time of grief; while ‘The Ultimate Fittie’ gift package brings together health awareness trends and the increasingly popular luxe health industries.

Caring Canary’s hand-picked care packages offer a convenient way for busy, time-poor people to reach out and show friends and family they care. Each gift package is made to be special, containing hard-to-find, ethically-sourced and locally made artisan products, which support other Australian businesses.

Caring Canary Ultimate Chemo Gift Packagejpg

The Ultimate Chemo Gift Package

Find Out More

Caring Canary Gift Packages are available for a variety of recipients and occasions, with prices ranging from $69.00 – $207.00 (AUD). To see the whole collection and find out more please visit the Caring Canary website.

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