Industry Business Reaches Out to the Community During Covid-19 Outbreak

Artist’s Agency JEHANE Ltd has teamed up with AGE UK in West Cumbria to publish ‘Caring Colouring’, a colouring book with a mission to do good in this trying time.

The idea of company founder and artist Jehane Boden Spiers, Caring Colouring will bring care, colour and compassion to people’s lives during the coronavirus outbreak.


Inspiring Art

Caring Colouring is a 32-page colouring book filled with inspiring illustrations from JEHANE’s portfolio of artists.

Each image has been designed to offer comfort during the isolation. By focusing purely on the task of colouring, people can calm their worried minds and have a chance to be creative.

caring colouring colouring book

A Heartfelt Donation

JEHANE Ltd has donated 200 copies of Caring Colouring, along with two thousand colouring pens to the local charity.

The colouring books will be distributed through Age UK West Cumbria’s new Food Parcel Delivery service; an initiative created to deliver essential food items to vulnerable older people who are unable to leave their homes.

The partnership was created after Jehane Boden Spiers, founder of JEHANE Ltd, responded to a plea made by Jane Mindar on social media. Jane, the Deputy Chief Executive of Age UK West Cumbria, was in the process of temporarily closing the charity’s face-to-face services and was looking for ways to ensure people felt connected at home.

“Our clubs, groups and services provide a vital source of support and social activity for older people across West Cumbria. I wanted to make sure that these people still feel connected whilst isolating in their own homes. To some, it might just be a colouring book, but to the older people, we support it’s reassurance that there are people out there that care. Colouring is also a brilliant way to relax when things feel overwhelming. We cannot thank JEHANE Ltd enough for this incredibly thoughtful and generous donation, we are so grateful.” – Jane Mindar (Deputy CEO)

Responding to Jane’s appeal, Jehane commented

“I was delighted to respond to Jane’s request. With all the experience we have and the fantastic artists I am working with, I immediately thought of making our own colouring book. The concept of ‘Caring Colouring’ seemed the perfect name for our collaboration. I hope it brings much-needed reassurance, connection, and joy to some of our most vulnerable people in social isolation” – Jehane Boden Spiers (Founder, JEHANE Ltd).

Helping the Cause

If you would like to support JEHANE Ltd and Age UK West Cumbria, you can download a digital copy of Caring Colouring (link below) for a donation starting at £5.00. 

100% of all proceeds will go to Age UK West Cumbria.


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