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Love Prints With Style & Charm You’ll Adore

BigJon AKA graphic designer Jon Harvey has recently announced the launch of ‘BIG LOVE’ a fun new range comprising A3 love prints, colourful greeting cards and co-ordinated luxury gift wrap.


“I worked for a big department store, and strangely, on my first day, they put me in charge of Christmas wrapping. I didn't know how to wrap a present and make it not look like it fell off a truck.”

Joel Edgerton

Little Design Business Makes Big Commitment to Be Green

If you’re looking for green greeting cards that are kinder to the environment, today’s card pick is for you. ‘Be Green’ is the new eco-friendly, locally sourced card collection by small, Yorkshire-based design company Plewsy.

Introducing ARTHOUSE Meath

For today’s blog post I wanted to share a few of the unique gift and homeware products created by artists at ARTHOUSE Meath.

The Cutest Animal Gift Wrap Around

Luckies has recently launched Animal Gift Wrap, a super cute way to give your gifts a little animal appeal. With a variety of animals to choose from you’ll never want to wrap a gift in any other way again.


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