Reach More than 250k+ Festive Shoppers!

Last year’s Gift Guide was seen by 253,217 unique visitors and this year we’re aiming for bigger and better! The Christmas Gift Guide will have both free and paid ad options to suit as many people as possible. Costs shown are one-off payments (inc. VAT) for the full 6-week promotional run.

There are 4 spaces to choose from. Here are examples of what they look like from last year’s guide…

1/9th ad space

quarter page ad space

half page ad space

full-page ad space

Choose Your Ad Size

1/9 Space


850px (w) 1,100px (h)

Quarter Page


1,275px (w) 1,650px (h)

Half Page


2,550px (w) 1,650px (h)

Full Page


2,550px (w) 3,300px (h)

Deadline for Bookings: Wednesday 24th October








Small print explainer: Spots in the Gift Guide are subject to our normal terms and conditions, which can be accessed below. Basically, we reserve the right not to include your artwork if it is inappropriate or unsuitable. Full refunds will be given for paid spots if we can’t use your ad.

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