Children’s ID Bracelet Helps Little Ones Stay Safe this Summer

Luxury gift retailer Babatude Boutique has got safety on the mind this Summer, with the addition of a new collection of children’s ID bracelets.

Specialising in luxury presents for children and parents, the online gift emporium has recently added a new collection, which offers a touch of luxury and personalisation to a practical item.

Children's Safety Bracelet Collection

Children’s Safety Bracelet Collection

At home or on holiday, the adorable ID bracelets give busy parents a little extra peace of mind, when their kids are out and about. Whether they’re excitedly running around a theme park or playing on a sandy beach, it’s impossible to watch little ones for every minute. Turn your back for a second, and it’s all too easy for them to wander off, and get lost in a crowd.

With Babatude Boutique’s children’s ID bracelets parents have a little extra assurance, even if the unthinkable happens and your child does get lost; simply pop one of the stylish bracelets on your child’s wrist before they go out to play. Each bracelet features a silver bar with their name and your mobile number engraved on it, enabling someone to easily contact you and let you know where your child is. No more trying to get a child to remember a long phone number, when all they want to do is run off and play.

Childrens ID Bracelet

Children’s ID Bracelet

Each of the children’s ID bracelets features a sterling silver bar and your choice of 12 vibrant colour cords; creating a cool accessory that your kid will be happy to wear all summer long. The bracelets are secured with knotted cord, which can’t be accidentally removed, stopping it from falling off while your little one is running, playing or even swimming.

The silver bar can be engraved as you wish, with space for up to 11 characters on each side of the bar. Optimal space for a home phone or mobile number that will ensure your child always returns home safe and sound.

Childrens ID Safety Bracelet

Children’s ID Safety Bracelet

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The children’s safety ID bracelets retail at £35.00 each. To see the full collection and find out more please visit the Babatude Boutique website.

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