Discover the Delicious World of the Chococard

Boutique chocolate company Bo Choco has recently unveiled the ‘Bo Chococard’. Developed by company founder Boroka Villanyi, the new edible card unites gourmet chocolate with a ‘framed picture’ style greetings card.
The Personalised Chocolate Greeting
Each of the chocolate cards can be personalised. Choose your own mix of chocolate bases and toppings to create a unique card & gift combo.

Current toppings include: 100% natural freeze dried fruits, nuts, marshmallow, ginger and lavender to name just a few.

Lastly add your message and you’ve got a one-of-a-kind greetings card that tastes awesome.

Bo Choco Chococard - Birthday

The Tastiest Wedding Invite
The Bo Chococard is also available as a bespoke wedding invitation. Each invite is a custom design and can be made with extra special gold, silver or floral toppings; helping add a touch of luxury to a once in a lifetime event. Each card includes a personal message; creating a unique and tasty invite and treat.

Bo Choco Chococard

About Bo Choco

Boroka (or Bo) established Bo Choco after discovering and falling in love with the world of fine chocolates. Bo started out dabbling with chocolate creations to share with my friends. Soon she was hooked on the ability to create endless varieties; testing colour, texture and layering.

In no time ‘chocolate with personality’ was starting to take shape. Bo Choco’s chocolates are not only made from the finest ingredients but they are also pretty.

Loving the element of surprise that came with each new creation Bo knew her range would make perfect gifts but struggled to find the perfect card to accompany them. An idea was formed to combine the two and in May 2014 the Bo Chococard was born – a personalised handmade chocolate and a beautiful greetings card in one.

Bo Choco Chococard

Where to Buy

Bo Chococards retail at £15.00. The price includes free delivery and the option of direct delivery an address of your choice. You can also buy Bo Choco luxury chocolates singly, priced at £6.50.

To see the full range please visit the Bo Choco online shop.

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