Treat Yourself to These Luxury Chocolate Easter Eggs

Do you like Chocolate Easter Eggs? I’m guessing about 99% of you nodded or screamed yes! Most of us love chocolate and when it comes to Easter, the chocolate egg is the go to gift; so it would be a pity to leave them out of any Easter celebrations.

It would be particularly devastating considering just how incredible the Easter Egg ideas are this year. Looking at the indie businesses on the Not on the High Street marketplace, there’s an amazing array of inventive egg designs; from comic book graphics to eggs combined with classic clotted cream fudge, there’s Chocolate Easter Eggs everyone will love.

In today’s post we’re taking a quick look at 7 of my favourite Chocolate Eggs from this year’s selection.

Fun Chocolate Easter Eggs

Large Chocolate Easter Egg With Comic Book Graphics

Large Chocolate Easter Egg With Comic Book Graphics

This solid chocolate, flat Easter egg is the perfect Easter treat for comic book fans. Each egg comes decorated with brightly coloured comic book style graphics. The egg is handmade from milk couverture chocolate, which is a very high-quality chocolate that contains a higher percentage of cocoa butter than regular baking or eating chocolate. The Easter egg is presented in a coloured card box, nestled in tissue paper with a clear lid. There’s even a cute fluffy chick hidden amongst the wrapping.

Easter Egg With Comic Book Graphics, £15.00 from Cocoa Pod.

Easter Chocolate Dinosaur Egg

Easter Chocolate Dinosaur Egg

A delicious and prehistoric twist on conventional Easter Eggs, this white Belgian chocolate egg is stuffed with milk chocolate dinosaurs and strawberry laces. Hand-crafted from white and milk chocolate, the fair trade chocolate egg is sprayed lightly with coloured cocoa butter to give the speckled look of a dinosaur egg.

A fun Easter surprise for dinosaur fans young and old, even the packaging will get them excited. The Chocolate Egg is presented in a high quality gift box, decorated with fun ‘FRAGILE’ and ‘HANDLE WITH CARE’ stickers and stamps and tied up with twine; giving the appearance of a wooden transport crate.

Easter Chocolate Dinosaur Egg, £21.95 from Bagstock & Bumble.

Make Your Own Chocolate Easter Eggs Kit

Make Your Own Chocolate Easter Eggs Kit

This fun ‘Melt & Make’ kit for making your own chocolate Easter eggs is a great activity you can do with your kids this Easter holiday. Suitable for children aged 6 + (with adult supervision) the kit includes: a Chef’s hat, Milk Chocolate buttons for melting, bag of sweets for decorating and full instructions. Everything you need to create a delicious Belgian chocolate egg that little ones can decorate with sweets any way they wish.

Make Your Own Chocolate Easter Eggs Kit, £12.00 from Choc on Choc.

Personalised Easter Eggs

Egg Head Personalised Chocolate Easter Egg

egg head personalised chocolate easter egg

This handmade quirky chocolate Easter egg is specially designed for the egg head in your life. Every Easter celebration needs a chocolate treat and this Easter Egg comes complete with personalised box and surprise message hidden inside the chocolate egg. Choose from three colour themes; green, blue or pink, allowing you to match the theme to your egg head’s favourite colour.

Egg Head Chocolate Easter Egg, £14.00 from The Chocolate Library.

‘Good Egg’ Children’s Personalised Easter Egg

good egg children's personalised egg

Not exactly a chocolate egg, but an egg filled with chocolates! This fun, personalised Easter egg is the perfect present for the good eggs in your life. The ceramic Easter egg is filled with 20 mini chocolate balls. Available in pale blue or pale pink, the egg features the quote ‘You’re a good egg’ in gold, which can be personalised with the name of your choice. A great keepsake Easter gift, the ceramic egg can be re-used each year by simply adding new treats inside.

Personalised Easter Egg, £20.00 from Thebridge & Taylor.

Grown-Up Friendly Chocolate Easter Eggs

Luxury Gin And Tonic Easter Egg

luxury gin & tonic easter egg

Hand-crafted in luxurious milk chocolate, this Easter egg is filled with sumptuous Gin & Tonic truffles; made with a delicious chocolate ganache, London Gin, and a dash of lemon and cardamom. Perfect for families, the gin truffles can be enjoyed by adults, while the thick and creamy (and gin-free) milk chocolate shell can be kept for the kids.

Gin & Tonic Chocolate Easter Egg, £25.00 from The London Chocolate Company.

Chocolate Easter Egg With Clotted Cream Fudge

Chocolate Easter Egg With Clotted Cream Fudge

Our final chocolate egg is a design perfect for fudge fans; a luxury hand-crafted Easter egg, made from Belgian milk chocolate, drizzled with white Belgian chocolate and decorated with a cluster of clotted cream fudge. Using only Callebaut Belgian Chocolate, this egg also helps to support the Farmers Co-operatives; a delicious treat that’s doing some good in the world! Made to order, the egg’s chocolate construction is “double thick”, ideal for posting to far away friends and family.

Easter Egg With Clotted Cream Fudge, £12.95 from Choc & Truffle.

Image Credit: Photographs courtesy of Not on the High Street.

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