Discover Thoughtful Christmas Gifts for Teachers

In today’s Christmas gift guide we’re taking a look at a few Christmas Gifts for teachers. Buying presents for your favourite teachers is growing in popularity; a quick and simple way to show your gratitude for all the ways they help your kids.

From the day-to-day classroom duties, to after school clubs and school trips, good teachers are always going above and beyond to educate and entertain their class. For this dedication parents and kids are now looking for small, thoughtful gifts that show they appreciate the effort. The following gift ideas are perfect for individuals or classes to buy and give together.

Personalised Teacher Class Christmas Tree Print

Christmas Gifts for Teachers - applemint-original_personalised-teacher-class-christmas-tree-print

Our first pick of Christmas gifts for teachers is this lovely personalised class print. Good teachers deserve a little treat for all their hard work and kindness, especially at Christmas. This bright print is the ideal way for them to remember the children they’ve taught. It makes a great present for the whole class to club together and give on the last day of school. Each print features the names of all the children in the class, styled as baubles on a bold illustrated Christmas tree; naturally the teacher’s name is kept for the star at the top of the tree.

Personalised Teacher Class Christmas Tree Print. £34.99 from Applemint Designs.

Teacher Tote Bag

Christmas Gifts for Teachers - flair-paper-tote-teacher-bag1-1

This beautiful personalised tote bag is the perfect gift for your favourite teacher. Featuring the quote “A good teacher explains. A great teacher inspires”; a bright red apple and the teacher’s name complete the design. Each bag is made of heavyweight cotton canvas, with reinforced handles and seams; ideal for carrying all those school books, it is designed to be used for years.

Tote Bag for Teacher. £13.93 from Flair & Paper.

Best Teacher Ever Chocolates

Christmas Gifts for Teachers - morse-toad-top-drawer-best-teacher-ever-crop

Your favourite teachers work tirelessly to help you get through all that homework, pass those exams and help you achieve your goals. All that effort to help should not go unnoticed, and that’s why Morse Toad has created a thank you gift of delicious chocolate; now you can spell out your appreciation in a truly tasty way. For a final special touch you can even personalise the box with a photo you know your teacher will love.

Best Teacher Ever Chocolate Thank You Gift. £15.00 from Morse Toad.

Liquorice Allsorts Teacher Print

Christmas Gifts for Teachers - colour-their-day-allsorts-female-teacher-print

This vibrant ‘Liquorice Allsorts’ teacher’s print is a unique thank you present for your child’s teacher. With its tasty selection of delicious looking sweets, matched with the text ‘Teacher you’ve taught me allsorts’. The print is available in a variety of sizes, framed and unframed; you can also personalise the quote with a teacher’s name.

Allsorts Teacher Print. Prices range from £4.00 – £18.00 from Colour Their Day.

More Pee Vicar? Autocorrect Mug


Next in our pick of Christmas gifts for teachers is this “more pee vicar” autocorrected funny mug; sure to raise a wry smile. The typically British saying gets the autocorrect treatment, making it spot on for teachers blessed with a sense of humour. Great for older kids to give their high school or college tutors; especially those educators who are top of their game with spelling, grammar and proofreading! The large text is presented in bold, bright colours and is matched with a small asterisk and text reading “bloody autocorrect”.

Bloody Autocorrect Mug. £9.95 from Wordplay Design.

Blue Geek Pencils Set


Last in our pick of Christmas gifts for teachers is a quirky pencil set that shows it’s okay to be square. In an ombre blue colour palette the retro hex pencils deliver vintage style teachers will adore. Each pencil has the perfect phrase for clever geek types, foil pressed in gold. Phrases include: “Brains are the New Black”; “Dare to be Square”; “Endeavour to be Clever”; “Nerd is the Word” and “It’s Chic to be Geek”. The five pencils are the traditional hex shape with gold ferrules and pink erasers for a truly retro look.

Geeky Pencils Set. £7.50 from Newton and the Apple.

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