Christmas Jewellery Ideas by Kate Hamilton Hunter

by | Nov 23, 2011 | Christmas

printed necklaces

Stylish Christmas Jewellery Ideas for the Holiday Season

Regulars to the blog who have very good memories may remember that back in May I featured an everyday collection of fantastic jewellery from Kate Hamilton-Hunter. I’m happy to report that today is dedicated to a quick catch up with the artistic ladies of the Kate Hamilton-Hunter studio who have been hard at work crafting the beautiful ‘Christmas Petite’ collection. Using Kate’s distinctive style of upcycling, the collection recycles elements of vintage biscuit, sweet and toffee tins, and combines these found treasures with 100% recycled silver and decorations of Swarovski crystals. The ‘Christmas Petite’ collection is a sweet and seasonal collection of doves, heart, butterflies and stars, which would make an ideal gift this Christmas. For today’s post I’ve picked a few of my favourite pieces, see what you think and please feel free to leave me a comment at the bottom of the post.

Christmas Earrings

bird earrings

tartan bird earrings

star earrings

Christmas Bracelet

charm bracelet

Christmas Necklace

tartan butterfly pendant

Where to Buy these Christmas Jewellery Ideas

Featured gifts: Tiny Flower Necklace, £17.99 and matching earrings, £15.99; Dove earrings, £17.99; Dove with crystals on small hoops, £19.99; Small star hoop earrings, £17.99; Petite charm bracelet, £29.99 and Buterfly necklace, £19.99.

All of these items and more jewellery gifts from the ‘Christmas Petite’ collection are available to buy online at the Kate Hamilton Hunter website.

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