Classic Tin Toys Tractor

Classic Tin Toys Add a Touch of Nostalgia to Gift Giving.

If you’ve ever had a yearning to be out in nature ploughing the fields or travelling space with your very own robot army then today’s post is for you. For today we’re looking at some classic tin toys making their mark on the collectibles scene in Australia.

Tin Toys Australia have recently added a batch of new tractor-themed tin toys to the impressive collection of classic toys. Each of the marvellous clockwork toys has working gears as well as a range of farm accessories; including a trailer, ploughs, tillers, seed sowers. Everything you need to manage a well run farm! Adding to the authenticity of the models, each collectible is supplied with its own manual, showing the details of the original Tractor.

The collection doesn’t end there. If Sci-fi is more your speed, then the tin toy specialists has gifts for you too. A range of reproduction robots including the dazzling Chief Robotman (shown below). Not just a touch of nostalgia with their cool, retro designs these robots add interactivity to playtime; providing tactile fun with their wind-up mechanisms.

Whether chosen as a collectible for their sharp design and vintage feel or as a classic toy that demands to be played with, these tin toys are a great gift idea for all ages.

Sourced from across Europe, Japan and China, the tin toys revive old-fashioned playtime. A playtime before the rise of plastic. Every Tin Toy starts as a flat sheet of metal, which is printed by lithography and then cut into its separate pieces. Each piece is then formed into the final shape and assembled by hand to create a single colourful Tin Toy.

Creating tin toys is a labour intensive process, which is rapidly becoming a dying art but hopefully we’ll still be able to find them in years to come. See what you think …

Classic Tin Toys - Lilliput Green Clockwork Robot

Tin Toys High Wheel Robot

Chief Robotman Tin Toy

Kovap Farm Tractor Tin Toys

For more information on stocking or purchasing from the range please visit the Tin Toys Australia website. Prices range from $18 -$595, depending on the size, design and collectibility of tin toy chosen.

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