Eco-Friendly Comforters are Super Sweet Baby Gifts.

Kippins are a range of organic cotton baby and toddler comforters. Sweet toys designed using simple, bold prints and cute characters that babies will love.

A tribe of wild friends for little dreamers that are hypo-allergenic and kind to new skin. Perfect for hugs and play, these comforter toys have become a firm favourite with the mummy set.

Kippins Comforters Toy - Splits

A Safe Comfort for New Babies

Taking a closer look at the range it’s easy to see their appeal. The comforter toys have a GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certificate; the world-leading textile processing standard for organic fibres. A rating backed up by independent review of the entire textile supply chain, which includes both ecological and social factors in its criteria.

None of the toys has buttons or embroidery, which could come away when a baby is chewing. A vital worry taken away from new mums.

The comforters are also triple safety tested to international standards, ensuring this forever friend is gentle on new skin.

Kippins Comforters Toy-River

Designed to Delight

Inspired by nature, storybooks and a wild imagination, the Kippins comforters feature high contrast prints and bold shapes. Designs which not only look good but are also made to help stimulate a new baby’s eyesight. Hand printed using organic inks, the comforters feature spots, dots and cracks. Adding to the character and fun, these unique elements also mean no two Kippins are exactly alike.

By repeatedly introducing a baby to a comfort object, an attachment grows, helping to make a baby feel relaxed and secure. The comforters, therefore are a simple way to encourage a positive emotional development. Using a comforter as part of the bedtime routine makes it a signal for sleep. Teaching baby to fall asleep with their Kippin.

The comforter toys can also help move a new baby away from a dummy; providing a safe item for sucking and chewing that will not affect teeth or jaw development.

Kippins Comforters Toy

Where to Buy

The range has 7 comforter characters with more members of the tribe due next month. Each of the gorgeous baby comforters has a distinct personality that little ones will love. Characters to choose from include: Bam, Billie, Coco, Dash, Kitty, River and Splits.

Retailing at $39.00 (AUD) you can find out more, stock or purchase from the range at the Kippins website.

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