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by | Sep 3, 2012 | Gifts

New Art Prints Will Impress in Any Home

I was at a wedding recently and noticed a very familiar art print hanging in the venue (and looking beautiful I might add). The picture in question was a ‘What is Love’ print by Coulson Macleod (shown above). I’m a big fan of art prints, and Coulson Macleod’s collection in particular. I first featured them on the blog in July last year and this recent encounter with their work seemed like a sign that I should revisit their website and see what was new.

what is love? framed print

The range is split into ‘word art’ and ‘picture art’ – I’ve chosen a few of my favourites from both. I love the unique style of the Coulson Macleod collection; the distressed print effects, and imperfections in the materials add enormous character to each design and makes them very special gift. Today’s gift ideas are printed on recycled paper and whitewashed oak boards, but the Coulson Macleod team print on a wide selection of natural and reclaimed materials; anything from paper and wood, to metal and stone. The prints are lovingly created using modern and traditional methods; each design is available unframed, or professionally framed by expert craftsmen.

love you art print

imagination art print

no place like home distressed typography print

skeletons framed art print

hot air balloons framed art print

Featured gifts: What is Love Art Print, £25 (unframed) £89 (framed); I Love You Art Print, £15 (unframed) £65 (framed); Imagination Art Print, £15 (unframed) £65 (framed); No Place Like Home Art Print, £15 (unframed) £65 (framed); Bones Art Print on Oak board, £199; and Balloons Art Print on Oak board, £199. To find out more or purchase any of these items please visit the Coulson Macleod website.

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