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Workshops and classes handmade to help your card & gift business grow.

Here you’ll find information about our online courses and one-off workshops to help your greetings and giftware company grow.

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Get your business noticed and learn how to turn those extra eyeballs into sales income. 

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Get access to the strategies professional marketers use to grow sales income online. 

How Courses & Workshops Can Help Your Business Grow


You'll learn the systems professional marketers use to promote their businesses.


We'll take things step-by-step and walk through examples to show you exactly how it's done


Each of the methods taught will be tailored for the card & gift industry so you know you'll be able to apply it in your business.


There will be additional time scheduled for questions so you won't be left confused.


I'll share the tools I use so every marketing or eCommerce task we go through is as easy as it can be


Every course will be all content, no pushy sales. Unlike a lot of free webinars these classes will not be a sales pitch in disguise. You'll get all the info with no selling.

Your Questions Answered


I work in the wedding industry, will these courses work for me?

Yes, complementary industries such as weddings, interiors, jewellery or fashion (for example) can all benefit from these classes. While lesson examples will be drawn from the world of cards and gifts the systems, methods and tools will be transferable to any industry.


How many places will there be available in classes?

I don’t have an exact number but places will be limited. As this is a new thing, which will be utilising lots of new technology and materials the teaching classes will be kept small for the first sessions. Once I get used to things I’ll open up more seats!


How much will the courses cost?

The price of workshops & courses will be announced as soon as the schedule is confirmed. As this will be based on the feedback received from the community, I can tell you that there will be special offers to reflect the communities input in their creation.


When will the Summer School schedule be announced?

The feedback from the community will be collated over the next few months so look out for the announcement towards the end of July. To be the first to hear when Summer School is open fill out the form above.

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