Mad in England Craft Kits for the 21st Century

Mad In England Make Craft Kits Modern.

Mad in England is the collaboration of childhood friends Georgina Holt and Nicola Grellier. Aiming to bring needlepoint into the 21st century the pair sell modern craft kits. The designs for each needlepoint kit are created by Nicola, a painter and collage artist. Focusing on fun, edgy and iconic images, Mad in England craft kits step away from classic needlepoint offering kits for the design-conscious crafter.

Suitable for ages 9 -90, Mad In England needlepoint kits are specially designed for both new and seasoned stitchers alike. ‘Mini Mad Kits’ have been created as the perfect starter kit, great for those new to needlepoint. The larger ‘Mad Kits’ (while still clear to follow) are ideal for those wanting a bigger craft project.

Each kit comes with all the materials, wool and needles needed to finish the project. As keen supporters of British manufacturers all of these supplies are sourced from British companies; creating a homegrown gift idea for the craft community.  Along with the materials the kits contain clear instructions and a full sized image of the finished piece to ensure no project is left unfinished.

The Mad In England range offers an eclectic mix of designs; wild English beasts, growls, icons and plenty of canine friends all take a starring role. The quirky, colourful designs will no doubt bring a new generation to needlepoint.

Finished with beautiful packaging and a MAD postcard the kits make fantastic gifts for craft fans.  Take a look and see what you think …

Mad in England Craft Kits for the 21st Century

Mad in England Craft Kits for the 21st Century

Mad in England Craft Kits for the 21st Century

Featured craft kits range in price from £19.95 to £82.50. To stock or purchase from the range please visit the Mad In England website. (2017 update: the website is currently unavailable).

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