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Craft Superstars Exhibiting at this Year’s GNCCF.

Last week we explored 10 fantastic reasons to visit this year’s Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair (GNCCF) this October.

To follow this up I wanted to share a preview of a few of the exhibitors and products that will be on show during the fair. My pick of 14 craft superstars with amazing products.

1. Bea Jareno


Bea Jareno’s work is inspired by African and Indian cultures. Her collection explores and emphasises contrast in metals using gold, rhodium and silver; adding colour by using precious stones, beads and pearls. A real feast of colour, texture and design, all at the highest level of craftsmanship. Featured Indian Summer Rings, prices start from £440.

Visit the Bea Jareno website.

Photo credit: Steven Speller

2. Brittany Delany


Brittany Delany focuses on shape and form to create functional vessels and tableware using porcelain. She is interested in combining unusual materials and incorporates delicate metal stitching, leather and colourful tactile glazes into her work.

Visit the Brittany Delany website.

3. [Vinegar & Brown Paper]


As a contemporary glass etcher Andy Poplar takes vintage and iconic items of glassware and bring them to life with the tools of typography, wit and a slightly askew way of looking at the world.

Visit the [Vinegar & Brown Paper] website.

4. Home Front Vintage


Home Front Vintage create gifts and accessories made from genuine ‘escape and evasion’ silk maps from WW2 and the 1950s. Soldiers carried these maps in case they needed to escape from enemy territory. Home Front Vintage remakes damaged maps into covetable products for people who value British heritage with a contemporary twist.

Visit the Home Front Vintage website.

Photo credit: Lyndsey James

5. Harriet Lawton


Through the exploration of ceramic and textiles, Harriet Lawton’s collection highlights the beauty of objects, in particular china mementos. She creates water-jet cut ceramics along with 2D and 3D printed textiles, featuring remediated ceramic patterns from various cultures and eras. Harriet will be exhibiting her work as well as demonstrating in her role at the GNCCF’s Artist in Residence.

Visit the Harriet Lawton website

6. Tanti Design

TANTI DESIGN POTSTanti design salt and pepper pots

Tanti Design produces furniture and accessories from sustainably sourced English timbers and low carbon materials. Modern manufacturing methods alongside traditional carpentry are re-invented, to create contemporary, environmentally conscious pieces that are both fresh and striking. Featured salt and pepper pots, £29.50.

Visit the Tanti Design website.

Photo credit: Heather Pullman

7. Sarah Heaton

SARAH HEATON Powder Blue Breakfast Set

Sarah Heaton makes high quality, design-led, functional ceramics. Working with the best of British manufacturers to create interesting shapes and patterns. She is also currently developing some handmade, limited edition ceramics. Featured Powder Blue Breakfast Set, £32.

Visit the Sarah Heaton website (March 2017: the website is currently unavailable)

8. Ruth Pullan


Ruth Pullan creates hand-stitched leather goods using British materials and traditional craftsmanship. A deliberate use of a limited palette of high quality materials allows each element to stand out. Ruth is increasingly drawn to natural and unprocessed materials and dyes, which she aims to use in the development of her work. Featured bag, £155.

Visit the Ruth Pullan website.

9. BLH Ceramics

LYNN HUTCHINSON, SgraffIto Pourer Tray Set

Lynne Hutchinson’s BLH ceramics, makes collections of simple, contemporary jugs, vases and tableware inspired by Mid-Century design. Featuring intricate surface treatments (especially inlay and sgraffito) her collection is suitable for everyday use or display. Featured Pourer Tray Set, £150.

Visit the BLH Ceramics website.

10. Louise Gardiner

Louise Gardiner,Bespoke Cushions

Louise Gardiner creates intense, colourful and intricate embroidered artworks that explode with joie de vivre! For GNCCF, Louise will be revving up her sewing machine, using it to create her unique works throughout the show. Featured Bespoke Cushions £150-£700

Visit the Louise Gardiner website.

Photo credit: Emma Williams

11. Jill Shaddock


Fascinated by process and enhancing a technique associated with mass production, Jill Shaddock explores multi-layered slip-casting to create unique objects. These take the form of individual pieces and collections of curated works. With a minimal aesthetic, considered forms and refined colour palette, the considered simplicity draws attention to the subtle details. Featured Coffee sets, from £135 -£170.

Visit the Jill Shaddock website.

12. Jennie Gill

JENNIE GILL PRINCESS RING Silver & 18ct gold rings set

Jennie Gill creates precious jewellery in gold and silver, set with antique, natural and brilliant diamonds, enamel and semi precious stones. Handmade in Sheffield, the one off pieces are designed around the unique stones, each piece having its own unique story. Featured Princes Ring in Silver & 18ct gold, set with rose cut grey natural diamonds, from £380.

Visit the Jennie Gill website.

Photo credit: In2Dimenson

13. Jasmine Simpson


Drawing from folk tales, Aesop’s Fables and the animal characters within the stories Jasmine Simpson creates contemporary re-imaginings of the traditional Staffordshire ceramic figures she has witnessed within the rich heritage of Stoke-on-Trent. Featured Staffordshire Ceramic Wolves, £150.

Visit the Jasmine Simpson website.

Photo credit: Catherine Dineley

14. Anne Morgan


Anne Morgan is an awarding winning jeweller who combines textured silver with gold and semi-precious stones to create her distinctive jewellery designs. Featured Twist Ring with Garnets, £162.

Visit the Anne Morgan website.

Photo credit: Simon Chapman

See More Exhibitors. 

See the full list of exhibitors at the Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair website.

Image credit remains with the original artists unless stated otherwise.

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