Crochetdermy® Bulldog

Introducing Crochetdermy® … Taxidermy with a Unique Crochet Twist.

British artist Shauna Richardson invented the term Crochetdermy® to describe her unique work. Quite simply taxidermy + crochet =Crochetdermy®.

I first came across Shauna’s work during the 2012 Cultural Olympiad; a programme of cultural events to celebrate the 2012 Olympics in London. An artist based in my home town of Leicester, Shauna had created 3 huge (25ft) crochet lions, which I saw displayed in Leicester’s cultural quarter during their tour of the UK.

Today, I’m delighted to see that the collection has grown and alongside the lions, Shauna has created more crochet animals. Most of which are a little more manageable size-wise than a 25ft lion!

Each of the realistic animals is hand-crocheted in Mohair by Shauna, who has developed her own individual freestyle technique to sculpt each design.

The work has received much critical acclaim and has been exhibited internationally at many prestigious venues including the Saatchi Gallery and the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.

While the taxidermy-themed collection is not your average gift line (prices for the sculptures start at £1,200) I wanted to share a look at the collection with you today as inspiration, perhaps even a glimpse of future gift potential.

We’ve seen a resurgence of handmade crochet toys and I hope we continue to see this this traditional craft used in new and exciting ways throughout the card and gift industry.

I hope you enjoy browsing the images from Shauna’s collection of life-size animal sculptures … each lovingly crafted in crochet.

Crochetdermy® Wild Cat

Crochetdermy® Hares

Crochetdermy® Deer

Featured sculptures: Bulldog, £6,500; Wild Cat, £1,200; Hares, £2,000 and Deer, £12,000.

For more information on Crochetdermy® please visit the Shauna Richardson website.

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