Crocheted Toys & Knitted Animals Will Make You Smile

by | Oct 18, 2010 | Gifts

Adorable Animals are the Crocheted Toys to Adore

Best Years are the UK’s leading wholesale supplier of knitted and fair trade crocheted toys. Today’s images are some bestsellers from their collection; terrific toys that make cute and tactile gifts.

crocheted toy dinosaurs

The T Rex is a much loved character and the best selling line from the collection. Available in original and supersized versions they are popular with both boys and girls. Retailing at £10.99 and £19.99 respectively the dinosaurs are robust and tactile like every good dinosaur should be.

crocheted toy monkey in pink stripes

Suitable from birth the knitted monkey is available in stripy pink or blue colours. Each toy contains a rattle that is a favourite with young babies, helping to stimulate the senses. Similarly the knitted owl provides great interest with contrast between the tactile knitted cloth and the soft velour feet. Each character retails at £10.99.

crocheted toy owl

The Dangly Dog comes in soft pastel colours perfect for new babies. With a rattle and wobbily feet it is a delightfully cute and stimulating toy for newborns. The design retails at £10.99 and is also available as a Dangly Lamb.

crocheted toy dog

Best Years pride themselves on sourcing the best toys that are organic and fair-trade, such as their cotton crochet bunny. Made by a co-operative in Bangladesh, workers are based in rural communities and fairly paid for their employment and the goods they produce.

crocheted toy bunny rabbit

Our last image from the collection is the Flip Teddy Bears. A fabulous gift for a baby each character is hand made by the workers co-operative in Bangladesh. Soft and tactile, with super long legs they are a beautiful quality toy and being machine washable they are practical too!

crocheted toy bears

To see more from the Best Years toy collection check out the Best Years website – perfect knitted and crocheted toys for all.

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