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by | Jul 7, 2011 | Greeting Cards

Discover the Best Selling MapCard Collection

C&W heArt Graphics is a greetings card publisher creating quirky designs that incorporate graphic art, illustration and photographs. Today’s post starts with images from their new, bestselling MapCard series.

map style birthday card

C&W heArt Graphics Designer and Owner Christopher Walker explains the inspiration behind the range and how it developed into a range of greetings cards … “I have always been fascinated by maps, it began when I was an Art Editor on a newspaper and one of my responsibilities was for cartographic coverage. This was a good medium for a fun subject matter with many creative possibilities.”

olympic rings map style greeting card

The collection includes maps crafted with a focus on sci-fi movies, murder mysteries and novels to name just a few. I love the incredible detail that has gone into each design. It’s no surprise that each work of ‘map art’ takes months to construct.

rocket ship map style greeting card

To give you a better idea of what else you can expect from C&W heArt Graphics we have a couple of images from two other ranges. These designs are not graphically produced. Fine artist ‘Alex’ creates humorous cards from original drawings.

uh-oh greeting card

And last but not least contemporary photographer ‘India Isobella’ has created a brand new collection of cards entitled ‘Papercut’. The cards feature long exposure images of paper creations, which give beautiful, abstract images suitable for a variety of occasions.

floral photographic greeting card

To see more, you can find the whole collection from C&W heArt Graphics on their official website.

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