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Nathalie Trytell created DBUN Designs with the desire to see her passions take life. At a young age Nathalie was diagnosed with Type 2 Neurofibromatosis (NF). This eventually resulted in Nathalie losing her hearing, motor skills and balance. By her late 20’s, severely physically disabled, Nathalie could no longer paint but her determination overtook every obstacle and Nathalie received a degree in art from the Massachusetts College of Art & Design. With a degree in printmaking Nathalie evolved into a talented artist, but sadly she passed away from the rare neurological disease NF in 2011.

Today DBUN Designs is owned and operated by Nathalie’s brother Matthew Trytell; sharing Nathalie’s whimsical works of art on a growing selection of card and gift products. Over the last year DBUN Designs has exhibited at a number of art and craft fairs throughout London, as well as a coveted position in the British Library’s Christmas Market. A portion of the proceeds from all DBUN Designs card and gift sales are donated to The Making Headway Foundation, which provides care and comfort for children with brain and spinal cord tumours, while funding medical research geared toward better treatments and a cure.

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Featured greetings cards retail at £2.50 and smartphone cases at £12.00. The full collection of designs can be seen and purchased from the DBUN Designs website.

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