The Decorative Bowls Bringing Nature to Your Home

It’s never been easier to add a little touch of Spring to your home thanks to the gorgeous new Petals Decorative Bowls fresh from be&liv.

Designed by co-owner and founder of be&liv, Janne Uusi-Autti, the bowls are made of recyclable plastic segments. Together the pieces form organic shapes, which resemble the pretty petals of a flower. The perfect decorative bowls for a living room, coffee table or dining table, they unite contemporary styling with a classic floral theme.

Petals Dusty Pink Decorative Bowls beandliv

As well as being a beautiful object the Petals bowls also make excellent fruit bowls. The natural curves of each petal cup the fruit; while the petal shapes allow the air to flow freely, resulting in a longer shelf life of the fruit.

Crafted from recyclable food grade plastic with an acrylic core, the decorative bowls are packaged flat and then easily clipped together at your convenience. As you will see from the video at the top of the post, each petal slots onto the central core, building up to quickly create a beautiful flower-shaped bowl.


As with all be&liv designs, Petals is Eco flat packed for self assembly in a gift box. Smaller packaging means a smaller carbon footprint. Flying big boxes full of air around the globe is big part of any product’s carbon footprint, so be&liv designed everything flat. Not just an Eco-consideration, Janne used this as a design advantage; showing that flat, economically-packed products don’t need to look clumsy and boxy. Instead, they could be organic shapes with natural beauty, just like the Petals decorative bowls.

The flat-pack nature of the bowls is also a huge advantage for gift givers, resulting in affordable mail delivery, and a post-able gift that can be easily sent to friends and family worldwide.

Petals White Decorative Bowls beandliv

About be&liv

be&liv is a Finnish design brand creating home decor and lifestyle items. Their design philosophy creates eye-catching objects with an unmistakable signature look. With a mission to create a lasting impression via their products, be&liv is redefining Scandinavian decor.

Established in Helsinki in 2012, be&liv aim to “bring the poetry back to everyday life with beautifully engineered design objects”.

Offering the highest quality in modern design, the company gives the greatest attention to every small detail of their range. The be&liv design team work with the nature of their materials; building organic forms with precise manufacturing techniques.

be&liv was granted the ‘Design from Finland’ mark, demonstrating the company’s support and investment in Finnish design. Established in 2011 the mark recognises high quality, Finnish design and production. The mark is awarded to well-designed products and services, which are highly desirable to consumers.

The up-and-coming design brand was also recently awarded the ”Best New Product” in the living category at the 2016 Pulse Awards. Chosen by Jessica Hodgson, Digital Performance Marketing Manager at Heal’s, who described the be&live collection as:

“Really intricate detailed products, so delicate and well thought out design. I love the flatpack element to each piece. The industrial feel is combined with origami folds, creating something truly unique.”

Petals Turquoise Decorative Bowls beandliv

Where to Buy

The featured decorative bowls come in four colours and two sizes. In the small size (29cm diameter) the bowls are available in black and white. The large version (38cm diameter) of the Petals bowl is for sale in black, white, dusty pink and turquoise.

The bowls retail at €43.00 / £36.00 for a small bowl and €59.00 / £49.00 for a large version.

To find out more, stock or purchase from the range please visit the be&liv website.

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