Delica Deliver Felt Fantastic Goodies for All

by | Mar 23, 2010 | Gifts

Felt Goodies for a Super Soft World

Delica create unique, eco-friendly accessories and gifts. Each piece is expertly hand-crafted, using a variety of felting techniques.

felt pearls necklace

An alternative take on the classic stranded pearl necklace, Delica has created necklaces of felt beads. Lighter than pearls each bead is hand crafted from soft merino wool.

felt beads necklace

Gradually changing sizes of wool beads are stranded and knotted with a  clean, cream waxed cotton cord.

red felt beads necklace

Necklaces are made to order and can be created in a series of colours including cream, cranberry, olive and lemon grass.

maroon felt beads necklace

Delica has also designed a modern, seven bead necklace. Beautiful hand felted merino wool beads are strung on a hand dyed organic cotton ribbon. The necklace can be tied at different lengths for alternative styles.

felt pebbles in gift box

This refreshing gift idea is a set of three pebble-shaped felted soaps.  Hand sculpted from high-quality, organic olive oil soap, each soap contains essential oils for a natural fragrance. Soaps are then hand felted in natural shades of merino wool. Lasting twice as long as regular soap, the wool acts as a natural exfoliator too. Gift wrapped in a Delica kraft box and with full instructions for first-time felt soap users.

felt bowls

Felt nesting bowls are both a decorative and practical item. A great house warming or birthday gift, these bowls can be used to display your most treasured possessions. Bowls are hand knitted and formed from 100% wool yarn. Available in sets of two or three, nesting bowls also come in assorted colour palettes.

grey felt bowls

To get your hands on some of Delica’s felt goodies check out their online store.

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