Delightful Mini Gifts from Catherine Tough

by | Mar 19, 2012 | Gifts

knitted owl ornament

Mini Textile Gifts from Catherine Tough

Today’s mini gifts from Catherine Tough see the application of a modern aesthetic to craft and tradition to create simple, elegant products. Inspired by nature, travel and a will to ‘make it new’, Catherine graduated from the Royal College of Art with a vision of turning heritage crafts into modern design. The result is a collection of “homeware, gifts and knitted goodness”. The jacquard knits use fine lambswool yarns, which are washed and felted to a soft, luxurious finish, before being turned into a delightful array of gift products. My pick from the collection is a set of lavender-scented mini gifts; a collection of birds, animals and hearts that will brighten any home.

knitted polka dot heart

pink knitted bird

felt owl oranment

woolen blue bird

knitted owl ornament

woollen pink flamingo

polka dot and stripy woollen bird

The featured mini gifts are available to purchase from the Catherine Tough website, ranging from £15 to £38.

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