Discover the New Doodle Backpack from eatsleepdoodle.

eatsleepdoodle have recently unveiled ‘The Doodle Backpack’ a new gift idea perfect for creative children.

The drawstring backpack is made from 100% cotton with a graph paper style grid design printed on both sides. Each bag is supplied with its own set of 10 double-ended wash-out fabric pens ready for gifting and doodling.

doodle backpack by eatsleepdoodle

The colourful wash-out pens can be used to add custom designs or personalised messages to the backpack. When you feel like a fresh start the backpack can be washed clean in a regular warm machine wash. A neat trick that leaves the bag ready for more doodling and more exciting new designs in one simple step.

The drawstring-style bag is designed to be the perfect bag for a variety of uses. Whether you choose to use it as a PE kit bag, a book bag or shoe bag, the doodle backpack is made for creativity on-the-go. An ideal backpack for school days, weekend outings and special trips. Use the doodle backpack to express your style, take your notes, even remember your homework; the only limit is your own imagination.

Each doodle backpack measure 34 x 42.5cm (13 x 17 inches) and is finished with sturdy red handles, which can be used to wear the backpack on one or two shoulders.

gift idea - doodle backpack by eatsleepdoodle

About eatsleepdoodle

Founded by Chrissie Probert Jones, eatsleepdoodle is an innovative, design-led gift company based in the UK. Their mission is simply to share the joy of doodling or as Chrissie says …

“We’re genuinely passionate about our doodle textile products and our mission to inspire and enable people of all ages to get creative – let’s doodle the world!”.

eatsleepdoodle create market-leading customisable gifts, ready to be doodled again and again for endless creative fun.

The range currently includes: duvet covers and pillowcases, tablecloths, placemats and aprons, bunting, cool stationery giftscases for your iPad and now the doodle backpack.

The unique re-usability designed into the collection makes doodle products not only super-eco-friendly, but hugely appealing to doodlers of all ages. Whether it’s a Picasso in the making or the next Einstein, the products are ready to be used again and again.

With endless possibilities for writing, drawing and doodling the collection also helps to build dexterity, concentration and creativity. Added bonuses that explain why the eatsleepdoodle gift range is steadily winning awards and fans all around the world.

The doodle backpack and all of the doodle products are designed in the UK, with textiles woven and printed in Turkey and India. The wash-out pens are specially made in China and tested to conform to all EU and US safety standards.

Doodle Backpack eatsleepdoodle

Where to Buy

The featured Doodle Backpack retails at £12.50. To find out more, stock or purchase from the Eatsleepdoodle gift range please visit the Eatsleepdoodle website.

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