Emily Burningham Sail Solo Yellow

Cards & Gifts with a Touch of Seaside Charm

Here at Card & Gift Network the day is proving to be wonderfully sunny, with a bright blue sky and fluffy white clouds. With this in mind it seemed fitting that the cards and gifts chosen for today’s showcase should be similarly sunny in their outlook. I am therefore very pleased to be sharing a closer look at cards, homeware gifts and wrapping paper from Emily Burningham’s ‘Seaside’ collection.

With themes familiar to the British seaside including: sail boats, lighthouses and seagulls, the collection comprises cushions, greetings cards, wrapping paper, accessories and stationery gifts. Each product has a distinct seaside inspiration; utilising a soft, yet vibrant colour palette reminiscent of sandy beaches and the deep, blue sea. While the themes are traditional, the design of every item from greetings cards to cushions remains thoroughly modern, resulting in a stylish combination of old and new. Manufactured here in the UK to the highest possible standards, the ‘Seaside’ cards and gifts are a celebration of the British seaside from a very British business.

Emily Burningham Sail Solo White cushion

Emily Burningham sail Solo Red cushion

Emily Burningham Lighthouse card

Emily Burningham Seagulls card

Emily Burningham Lighthouse wrap

Emily Burningham Seagulls wrap

Featured Seaside products: Sail Solo Cushions, £50 each; Lighthouse and Seagulls greetings cards, £2.35 each; Lighthouse and Seagulls gift wrap, £1.65 per sheet (50cm x 70cm). The full collection can be seen and purchased directly from the Emily Burningham website.

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